A Galaxy Divided

Over the course of 42 years, it’s fair to say the Star Wars franchise groomed a couple of generations into being sci-fi fanatics and yet at the same time managed to split them all apart. The Originals The original trilogy began as the space opera ‘Journal of the Whills’ altered after numerous drafts into the cinematic goldmine it is today.…

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March Cosplayer of the Month: Toonibug

Cosplayer name: Toonibug Name: Teri Surname: Ferreira Age: 36 Facebook: Toonibug Instagram: Toonibug TikTok: Toonibug Favorite Food: Chicken, Eggs, and Toast Favorite Drink: Frappuccino, berry ice tea, coffee, vodka cranberry. Favorite Movie: There are too many to pick just one. Favorite Song: Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black Favorite Series: Frasier Favorite Animation/Cartoon: The Last Unicorn Favorite Anime: Spirited Away…

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