A new Batman game is in the works. A leak revealed it will be titled Batman: Gotham Knights. The working title reveals nothing about the game itself but the logo does indicate it will be set in the Arkham universe.

Having the title remains as Batman, leads us to believe the caped crusader will return. In what form we don’t exactly know. Considering the end of Batman: Arkham Knight it will be interesting to see how Bruce survived. His supposed demise does leave a lot of plot to resolve. The search for Bruce could be a great first arc and allow players to use other key characters like Nightwing and Robin as well as Azrael. This could really change up the gameplay.

Then there is the Joker conundrum, should the clown prince of crime be included in Batman: Gotham Knights? This is where the fandom is divided. Half say the homicidal maniac has been overused. The other half can’t get enough of him. Personally I am on the side of the second half. Though I may be biased as I am a huge Joker fan. The middle ground could be similar to Arkham Knight where he was regulated to a side character. Again a subplot could be the resurrection of Mr J. Two storylines running in parallel to bring back two iconic characters would be interesting. This would allow us to control some villains as well. It could bring much-needed freshness into the franchise.

With any Batman game, the limits and possibilities are endless. As long as there aren’t too many tank missions I think we will be ok. Plus considering this only will release in 2 years, it will be in next-gen glory. We don’t need to wait long to find out as all shall be revealed this weekend on DC Fandom