Elliot from Earth

Elliot from Earth is a new animation from the brilliant minds of Mic Graves and Tony Hull. A fun new show that takes the scenic route through the universe in order to deliver the misadventures of Elliot and his mom. Joining them is the Uber-cute dinosaur Mo. The intergalactic traveling Dino is who has a slight case of amnesia. Elliot's…

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A Decade of Mayhem

It has been a decade since Project Mayhem burst onto the collecting scene. Since then they have grown from their humble beginnings to being a prominent player. We have known Reza and Nas for just as long. They are more than just friends, the family. This year Project Mayhem is turning the big 10 and they don’t seem to be…

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Limbo Review
Image Credit: wingamestore.com

Limbo Review

Origin: Limbo was created by Playdead and is available on all forms of platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, Pc as well as Android and IOS. The game has been released on 21 July 2010, and yes this is a pretty late review but the game is still being played today, which has a really dark and twisted story and one…

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Gran Turismo Sport South Africa: The Super Formula Saga [Season 1]

"It's on like [RTA] Donkey Kong!" Seeding...or our way of calling it Qualifying, is done and RTA continue where they left off… on top, but with serious competition following behind and it's coming from all circles. "RTA expecting some friendly rivals this season." RTA-Donkey27 laid down the gauntlet with a 28.108 but with Pool 1 only separated by 0.6 seconds,…

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