Limbo Review
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Limbo Review

Origin: Limbo was created by Playdead and is available on all forms of platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, Pc as well as Android and IOS. The game has been released on 21 July 2010, and yes this is a pretty late review but the game is still being played today, which has a really dark and twisted story and one…

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Gran Turismo Sport South Africa: The Super Formula Saga [Season 1]

"It's on like [RTA] Donkey Kong!" Seeding...or our way of calling it Qualifying, is done and RTA continue where they left off… on top, but with serious competition following behind and it's coming from all circles. "RTA expecting some friendly rivals this season." RTA-Donkey27 laid down the gauntlet with a 28.108 but with Pool 1 only separated by 0.6 seconds,…

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Cosplayer of the Month: AshDash

Cosplayer Name: AshDash Name: Ashley Rae Surname: N/A Age: 25 Instagram: Ashdash_cosplay Tiktok: Ashdash_cosplay Favorite Food: Veggie Sushi, Ramen as well as Pizza. Favorite Drink: Bubble Tea, G&T, a good cup of Coffee. Favorite movie: Titanic is one I have loved for many years. I’m a bit of a helpless romantic. Favorite song: Love Shot by EXO Favorite Series: Love…

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DC Superhero Girls on Showmax

DC Superhero Girls on Showmax. If you don't know the show, it's a fun-filled animated series based on DC Comics' most popular female characters. Yes, a show dedicated to just the glamourous girls from the DC world. The show has been around for some time but it's finally available on the Showmax platform to view at your own leisure. Rendered…

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