Gaming was once just a five-minute session at a café. Where you would put your precious 20c in (yeah I am that old) and have a bash at a machine. Since then it has become a worldwide phenomenon. There are all types of merchandise for every type of game. Fornite, the ever popular Battle Royale game gets a new category of merch this month.

Finally available in South Africa is the MiniFigure ranges. Brought in toy Guru, Prima Toys. These are micro figures, that incredibly detailed for their size. These figures are based on the actual characters that appear in the game. Each figure comes with a display stand and their respective weapon.

MiniFigures are the next big thing in collecting after Pops. They are much easier in the pocket and due to their size, easier on space restraints too. Just like Pops, these MiniFigs cover a multitude of brands and fandoms. The Fornite figures are a great way to get your collection started as they have a variety of pack sizes. Ranging from the budget-friendly single pack right to the multi-pack which has 4 figures in it. The multi-pack is definitely value for money.

So where can we get them?

 The figures have already launched and are available at most toy stores. But they are gaining traction so better hurry and make your way to your favorite store and pick up a pack. If you a Fornite fan, you will love these figs. In fact, even if you are not, they make great office pieces for the professional who is a gamer at heart.

But if you are still unsure, subscribe to our YouTube Channel (link below) and watch us unbox them. Then you can see the awesomeness up close.