Never have wanted a sandwich as much as I wanted the one Harley had (almost) in the currently playing theatres, Birds of Prey. Considering a key ingredient and my current faith, that’s saying a lot. It is not a complicated sandwich, but even in its simplicity, it is a thing to be desired. It is, of course, the Egg and Bacon sarmie.

And you can make it at home. It is not hard and all you will need is the following ingredients:

  1. Two eggs
  2. Two Slice of cheese
  3. A few strips of bacon. ( For me it pastrami/macon )
  4. Butter
  5. Ciabatta Bread (or any bread you fancy )
  6. Hot Sauce ( I say either Tabasco/Chicken Licken Soul Fire )

Yes with just 6 ingredients you too can have the slice of heaven that ol’ Harley was so obsessed with. While the act was played up for gags, it actually encapsulates the essence who Harley really within the crazy psyche, deep down is just a girl who enjoys the rather simpler treasures of life. Therein lies her mass appeal.

Moving along, ingredients alone do not make a sandwich. You need makes the right stuff is done at the right time.

  • Crack those eggs over a nice and hot pan and let these bad boys sell up.
  • Next up throw those macon or bacon bits on the side, but not before taking a good sniff
  • Butter up the two slices of bread ( I Choose to do a light 4-second toast on the inners )
  • Now place the two slices of cheese over the eggs and allow a few moments to melt
  • Lift and place over one slice bread
  • Dabble some hot sauce (hope you chose wisely)
  • Now place those crispy meaty bits over
  • Crown it with the last slice of bread

Now take a bite of that monster, lets the flavor take you back.

I love how the scenes slowly become so iconic. They often hold no direct impact on the story other than a momentary distraction. But somehow they stay with us longer.