Lilac and Her Light was created by NPCKC, and it is available on Windows, MacOS, Linux and Andriod. It is an Adventure Visual Novel.


Ever since last autumn, everything that Lilac touches loses it’s color, one night she wakes up and hears a knock on her door. That’s how the game starts in your first play through. After that visual and text cues pop’s up with an interactive theme to it.

You are playing as Lilac a girl who has spent an entire year within her home, scared to leave because she might end up touching someone and they might lose their color, after she hears a knock on her door. She is greeted with a witch who was drawn to her home because of the light that shines from her. From the start you will then need to find ingredients that the witch can use to create a potion that could help Lilac return to her normal human self.

Interesting to say the least, keep your eye out for this one.


The game is pretty simple looking from the pictures you see, the game has a bit of an off tone color to it from what I’ve played and seen from the start, you are searching for the ingredients at night hence the off tone colors, the environments you find yourself in is refreshing for an pixel art game. The game is somewhat linear, with only a few things in the environment you can interact with.

Final Verdict and Conclusion

The game is easy to pick up and play, created by an artist and studio I really love, I would recommend it to anyone looking to just kick back and wants to play a really good looking and relaxing game.

I would give this game a 7/10, you can get the game right here: Lilac and Her Light