Cosplayer name: Mika Cosplay

Name:  Michaela Lee

Age: 25

Twitch: 01Mika

Instagram: @Michaela.lee1

Twitter: @itsmichaelalee

Favorite Food: Pizza, specifically meat-lovers

Favorite Drink: Water, black coffee, bourbon

Favorite Movie: psychological thrillers is my favorite genre, hard to pick one favorite movie

Favorite Song: currently, Toxic by Ashnikko

Favorite Series: Black Mirror, Drake & Josh

Favorite Animation/Cartoon: Mulan, Jimmy Neutron

Favorite Anime: 7 Deadly Sins

Favorite Character: Lux from League of Legends

Favorite Comic: Maus

Favorite Colour: Turquoise

Likes: kindness, being inclusive, logic, weight lifting, rock climbing, running, video games, springtime, drawing, hanging out with friends, league of legends

Dislikes: Being in the water with fish, injustice, when people call vegetables “veggies,” reading instructions without pictures, league of legends

BIO:  My first “passion” was soccer. I played for 15 years but had to stop due to a high number of concussions. From there I decided to major in business with a concentration in entrepreneurship. Upon graduating in 2017, I worked as the Regional Operations Manager for 2 years for a company that helped pregnant women with drug dependencies. In 2019 I drastically changed industries and started acting. A month later, I found cosplaying and later Twitch streaming. 

Motto/Slogan: “nobody’s perfect but some are closer than others” -me 

Basically in response to the person who says “nobody’s perfect” as an excuse for giving no effort to be kind to others or avoid apologizing. 

“I don’t know what I’m doing, but that’s what keeps it interesting.”

Mika Cosplay -my Instagram bio since I started all this haha