Mayhem in Hillcrest

The experience of a visit to the comic book store is quite unparalleled. It doesn’t matter if you been collecting forever or just a little curious. There will always be something that catches your curiosity. For me, the greatest joy is flipping through the back issues and finding a comic I wasn’t missing for my collection. It does t even…

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Jupiter’s Legacy —- the late review

This review was to drop before the premier. But sadly due to the impeccable service delivery of Telkom, it did not come to pass. Nevertheless, let’s looks back at Jupiter Legacy. I will be brutally honest and state I knew nothing of the source comic before my dear friends at Netflix passed this on to me. I have lost touch…

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Cosplayer of the Month: SuperSailorVirgo
batgirl by SuperSailor cosplay

Cosplayer of the Month: SuperSailorVirgo

Cosplayer name:  SuperSailorVirgo Real Name:  Elle   Instagram: @Supersailorvirgo TikTok: @Supersailorvirgo Twitter: @SprSailorVirgo      Favorite Food: I’m not hard to please, pizza is an easy favorite! Favorite Drink: Apple Cider Favorite Movie: Spirited Away Favorite Song: Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide by David Bowie   Favorite Series: I’m gonna go video games with this question and say- The Legend of…

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Why Do Reboots Fail

While first and foremost there is great truth to Hollywood becoming less original and reliant on franchises. Often a franchisee reaches its peak and can no longer be milked. Enter Hollywood’s current default solution, the reboot. The simple act of taking a beloved movie, preferably a franchise (to maximize profits) and restarting it with new everything. Lens flares aside JJ…

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