Cosplayer of the Month: April MikaShino Cosplay

Cosplayer name: MikaShino Cosplay Name: (optional) Mika Surname: (optional) N/A Age: 22 Facebook: MikaShino Cosplay Instagram: @mikashino_cos TikTok: @mikashino_cos Twitter: N/A YouTube: MikaShino Cosplay Favorite Food: Sushi Favorite Drink: Coffee Favorite Movie: Descendants Favorite Song: Turning Page by Sleeping at last Favorite Series: Supernatural Favorite Animation/Cartoon: Lilo & Stitch Favorite Anime: Darling in the Franxx Favorite Character: Zero Two (From…

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Africa’s Cosplay Queen: JinxKittieCosplay

  The many fans that witnessed the epic cosplay competition at 2019’s Comicon Africa were justifiably blown away by some of the amazing constructions on show. From two-faced predators to adorable My Little Ponies, the competition was filled with some real ingenuity, resourcefulness and an alarming amount of skill. But who could forget the stunning, hand-crafted cosplay that took the…

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March Cosplayer of the Month: Toonibug

Cosplayer name: Toonibug Name: Teri Surname: Ferreira Age: 36 Facebook: Toonibug Instagram: Toonibug TikTok: Toonibug Favorite Food: Chicken, Eggs, and Toast Favorite Drink: Frappuccino, berry ice tea, coffee, vodka cranberry. Favorite Movie: There are too many to pick just one. Favorite Song: Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black Favorite Series: Frasier Favorite Animation/Cartoon: The Last Unicorn Favorite Anime: Spirited Away…

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February Cosplayer of the Month – Psycadillo

Cosplayer name:  Psycadillo Name:  Daniella Surname:  Mosca Age: 21 Instagram: @psycadillo Favorite Food: Mac n Cheese or Lasanga (or anything pasta related!) Favorite Drink: Passion fruit & lemonade Favorite Movie: Django Unchained, Return of the Jedi, Wonder Woman, The Great Gatsby, etc. Favorite Song: She's My Winona - Fall Out Boy Favorite Series: The Witcher, Stranger Things, Parks and Recreation,…

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