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Choosing a headset for gaming is never easy, as we often have to live with our choices for a considerable period. Enter the Logitech G435. A very superior headset at a very reasonable price. Honestly, this doesn't come as a shock, as I have been using a few of the brand's products for quite some time now. most often is their entry-level wired mouse. I actually use this for work and found it very functional and responsive. So when Logitech hand me their headset I was stoked, to say the least.

The set is very light, which when compared to my Beats, by Dre Wireless Studio, felt like wearing almost nothing. While this Beats is a clever mix of style and quality, the G435 is more functional and extremely light. Sure they were made for entirely different purposes but for someone who spends hours either with my console or music when working it made me wonder if I should swap out to the less load-bearing set. I didn't because the Logitech didn't deliver on the softer notes and deeper bass. But that is okay. That is not what is intended for. I then brought in the entry-level PS4 wired headset. This was bought for my eldest daughter who spends way too much time online in Minecraft. Needless to say the G435 beats it in every way.



Connecting the headset comes in two ways, there is a USB adapter or by way of Bluetooth. With our limited availability of USB slots, we went Blue ( da ba dee da ba doo ). Sadly Sony decided this was not an official headset and rejected the connection. I suppose with it being new, a soon-to-be-live update will fix that. This meant us trying out the lightspeed. The connection was as easy as pushing it to my only available USB slot on my PS4 and selecting headphones. But alas, I had sound but no connection. This has me panicking until I changed the output to Dolby. After that, it was crystal clear. Unfortunately, I don't own a PS5 to test against. But between my phone for music, PC for movies it worked well. But for me, the real test was with the old faithful Playstation 4.


The sound was crisp and clear with the background noise filtered out. This allowed me to hear my friend on Gran Turismo yell at me ever so clear. Well, that what he got for trying to cut me off anyway. This was due to the dual beamforming mic that allows all the sound to be captured. The top feature has a small drawback which results in some ambient sound being collected. This isn't a big issue, most noticeable during those awkward load screens.

Charging is easy as pie, as the set comes with the ever-friendly USB-C / USB cable and can feed most power supplies. The set is very ergonomically designed, with comfort being a big focus. Whether resting on my huge head or my little girl it always fitted snug. The muffs feel really good against the ear. I didn't have that hot ear effect. The muffs are very breathable and in my longest session that lasted 4 hours, I didn't feel all sticky. Speaking of time, the G435 can last up to 18 hours but I have yet to fully test this. Sadly the device did not connect to our Xbox One. I am still trying to find a workaround for this.

Bottom line, this is a great headset, with some lovely colour options and good value for money. It ticks all the right boxes except ones with x's before it. If they can get them on the two big boys' official list this will be a hot seller.


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PACE HQ ready for the WDC crown

Pace Motorsport boys taking centre stage at Laguna Seca last thursday
The stars of the show at Laguna Seca

Kyalami's finest crew are ready to collect as Sam, unofficially, is crowned the GT Sport SA Super Formula Champ.

"I never pictured myself being champion but after my hat-trick of wins, I can say it's happening."

- Serious Sam - Newly crowned SF Champion

Sam's new W12
A shakedown of Sam's new Pace W12 at the Nurburgring

The Pace Team has had a shaky start but after the halfway mark, and some Sky Coffee, they are now reaping the rewards as they head to the GTSSA Eifel SF GP with high cheers and new fans.

Did we also mention a whole lot of new signings?


So with lesser COVID regulations, South Africans will be filling up the stands as the Season Finale takes place on the GP layout, much to the howls of the Pace boys to extend the layout but clearly the bribe paid was not enough.

Rundown to Turn 1.
Turn 1 views...

15 corners of twisting and turning that make up this 5.1 kilometre circuit with turns 1 to 3 proving to be very popular with overtakes.

If we take it back to a year ago, the infamous battle between Crazy8s' Wezz & Pace's JayDub proved to be a sight to behold that time.

As well as the army of Red and black fans here to see the Pace take the winners trophy and hopefully more.


Super Formula sporting Senna's famous McLaren livery
Senna's MP4/4 replica

GTSSA Honchos, Josh and Steven threw hints on the next season already, including the high rumours of a road car series or another FIA focused series, which may need to wait.

ATK Pro Series has begun and most drivers (especially DMR) decided to put full focus while RTA has resumed to ACC duties.

The Crazy8s will still resume duties for the next season and their ongoing support for Annalize in the ladies league.

KBR may have to do some development as the team has had a bit of up and downs this season but they should be confident for the next.

The drivers of GTSSA will mostly be resuming on to FIA and some to begin their sabbaticals.

On the championship winning team, Pace has also turned to ATK and ACC for the coming days. JayDub announced his sabbatical from sim racing to recover fully. Mikyle in the states, we can say his sabbatical has begun already but he still gets active duties from HQ.

So while grandstands shall fill up, livestreams shall be available from every angle and all the drivers on the grid.

GT Sport SA (Main Pool 1 Race Stream) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Vky0NiNr0OBisGlKPB_Pg

KLM_Pace - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyCGU4ZfL3JxfeeprioqJcg

DMRe Deano - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4MQOgDU4MnODP6zletGe2g

Torched_ZA - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5K-JHFHNIuy9tc6RIcJIrw 


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"It's on like [RTA] Donkey Kong!"

Seeding...or our way of calling it Qualifying, is done and RTA continue where they left off… on top, but with serious competition following behind and it's coming from all circles.

"RTA expecting some friendly rivals this season."

RTA-Donkey27 laid down the gauntlet with a 28.108 but with Pool 1 only separated by 0.6 seconds, the gladiators are closing in and the teams are coming in hot - We talking Kalahari Boyz (KBR), Pace Motorsports and the Crazy8s for a few mentions, even the old dogs like Lorenzo and Nasseer returned and our resident GTSSA dive-bomber, Armani, still hasn't… Disappointed but not surprised.

"We did have a Super Formula race once upon a time... Many times..."


Not only is the top pack in a warzone, the midpack is a battleship, a battle so deep that the number of people in the midpack battle is enough to fill up a Call of Duty Warzone lobby... but the Battle Royale is so hot that the Champs of the female division want a piece of the action also, seems like some men might have a bit of tears to shed in the end.


Ninja skills required here.


Round 1 will be set at the sunny views of the Kamitsue Village in Hita City, Japan as we flood the twisty, technical track of Autopolis where 15 drivers will be greeted with exactly 19 corners - 2 hairpins, hectic elevation changes and enough fast sweeping corners that make the average VW Polo driver feel fast but slow, let's not even get into the pitlane entry, that's a sin on it's own. With tyre degradation and abrasiveness set at 6, we might just look at a comfortable 1-stop strategy (don't be a Fluffy and forget to change tyres, drivers.)

"Anyone ordered a Decepticon?"


Today, Round 1 will commence and even though the tender for footage and commentary hasn't been secured, the race can be watched through a few of our resident YouTubers (links will be down below)


KLM_Pace - https://www.youtube.com/c/KLMPace

LNR_Psycho_Pace -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCREpnOf5nZhf2h7YjRwIL-A

Fluffybutt Fast -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnf_MsMAqFYHN5B2W-ct1rA

RizlaTheRoller - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtlfS5gfrgX92SCA_zD0AkQ

TORCHED_ZA - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5K-JHFHNIuy9tc6RIcJIrw

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When I received my copy of Outer Worlds, I had no clue about the game. Rather than google it, I decided to just set it to download and allow myself a genuinely new experience. This was one of the best decisions I have made. They have been lacking lately but that is another story for another time. The game is relatively small when compared to other games. It lands at just over 20GB, which doesn’t take too long on a 10meg line.


Having no expectations is truly liberating, and I was genuinely intrigued by the opening scene. The story places you as an aspiring worker who joined a company to serve on another planet. This planet is light-years away. Travel dictates you must be cryogenically frozen until arrival which takes ten years. Of course, things go wrong and you only awaken 70 plus years later.

There is a little more to this but I won’t rob you of some of the finer details. I will say that the basic plot while not completely original does have enough to get you started. This coupled with its futuristic western theme does give the game its own soul.


The graphics are far from groundbreaking; rather they are in line with what are the current acceptable criteria. The facials seemed to be far more developed than the rest of the characters but at the same time don’t feel out of place. The styling is similar to that of fallout.

I was impressed by the facial renderings; however, this is lost on your own character as he hardly ever in the third person. While that may seem like a total loss, it isn’t. The defaulted point on a view actually allows you to immerse yourself in the world and enjoy exploring it.


The gameplay is relatively easy to pick up; even my 7-year-old daughter wanted a go at it. So I allowed her a short spell. She navigated her way quite easily. She did find difficulty in firing at her enemies. When it came to free-roaming and looting, she glided into that with ease. I am honestly not sure if that is a feather in the Outer Worlds cap or something that should concern me for her later years.

Customization is a major player in Outer Worlds. This is made evident from the very beginning. You get to generate your own character. While this limits you to just facial features, it still allows for a more individual experience. Player attributes are also an important factor and will steer the growth of your character. There are quite a few options here from strength and dexterity to intelligence and charm. A clever mixture of this can have a huge impact.


 This is where the game does get a little annoying. There isn’t a proper tutorial, which is something I also never thought I would say. A game with such an in-depth menu should have an easier help guide. I found myself wasting ammo trying to holster my weapon. This took away a lot out of the otherwise great experience. Speaking of weapons, more specifically the guns, I found the aim lacking. While the general movement seemed fluid, the crosshairs felt slow and off. This was before switching to a slow time. I am not the best shooter in the world but never had I had to empty clips just to take out stooges.


This game forced me to break out of my shell. Just on that point, I love it. It is a great mix of exploration and action and some novel storytelling. I think the first hour of gameplay decided whether a game will succeed or fail. And this one grabbed my attention from that very opening sequence. Yes, it does have its flaws but they aren’t enough to make you frustrated or put down the game.

Rating 7.5/10


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FIFA has been around for decades. Each year we get a new installment and each year it improves significantly, or so I’m told. See, I’m not a huge FIFA guy. The last game I bought was when South Africa hosted the World Cup. So, in order to give YOU the best possible feedback, I enlisted the aid of my closest friends. These guys are mad about football and are also avid FIFA day one buyer.

Needless to say, I was pounded by my peers. Their years of experience certainly gave them the edge. However, with some natural gaming ability and tons of luck, I managed to send one past the keeper! What a rush! With that said, I finally get it. I finally understand the immense skill and joy of playing soccer on screen. I’ll admit, it did genuinely feel like scoring a real goal. For a moment I thought I was still a kid, playing with his friends in the real field! And so, I now believe I have discovered the secret to FIFA’s long-running success.


I am sure you already know that the visuals on FIFA are forever improving. Nothing quite compares to seeing Mo Salah’s face after he drives the ball straight past the keeper on the top right, those are just the fine tunes from last year. Personally, I would use the crowd as the benchmark, to see the digital fan reactions really add a sense of realism to the game. To some, this may be a ‘nice to have’ feature or aesthetic but FIFA developers know, every single pixel matters.

The crowd is detailed and the animation has enough variation to help with its… well... Variation. This, in turn, leads me to the celebration. Goal celebration is one of the most fun aspects of the game! After all, putting in goals is what FIFA is all about. So trust me on this, the celebrations are so much more rewarding.


When it comes to gameplay, the dynamics have changed. This is what the real players want! Sure graphics are important, but pretty games with no depth tire easily. This game has continued its journey to ultra-realism. The first touch has become a lot more touch-sensitive. This forces one to achieve greater ball control. The difficulty extends itself to both dribbling and defending.

Passing has become more accuracy orientated, with particular attention to detail using aim and power. Jeremy Clarkson would not approve. More so, as the old ‘one-man show’ of stealing the ball or making a break for it is gone. It’s all about the team now.

You will have to improve your man-marking skills and this tool will be critically important for your counter attacks. This (amongst so many other aspects) is where my game was hurt a lot. I just could not get ball possession back fast enough. I had to rely on my goalkeeper, which is risky, to say the least. Thankfully, the goalies AI has been radically enhanced. That guy saves me more than a few times.

One thing you wouldn’t think you’d enjoy is actually the commentators! Commentators are more natural. They do not seem to repeat generic one-liners. I am sure though after enough time you will start to see repetition, but unless you OCD then it isn’t really a problem. The commentary does make the game more fun and allows for some added ribbing for your friends.


I think the answer is evident. FIFA will always have longevity. It has cemented itself as the benchmark in the football gaming world. Available on all formats and fully licensed it is constantly evolving. Having the game still connect online helps keep everything very current. And this applies to stats as well. Your favorite team not doing too well in the Premier League? Well you going to see them drop on FIFA too.


To the uninitiated (mostly me) FUT is actually FIFA Ultimate Team. This is where you can build a team with players from any of the leagues in the game. You can then either play online or offline and start to win coins. This allows you to buy new players and grow.

Online is, of course, better as there are various modes to paly to start earning coins. Division Rivals is a prime example. You can even qualify to play in major events against professional FIFA players. Essentially it is geared to reward those who put in the effort and continuously try to hone their skills.  For a more in-depth look check out the link below



This is a 5 a side game where you get to play in the streets or localized grounds. It’s a fun addition that adds a new dynamic to the game. It allows for an actioned packed game. The kits are fully customizable which allows players to express their artistic side.


FIFA will always be a fan favorite. Much like the real world football, it has a cult following. Sure there are other options out there. However, nothing quite brings the game home, as FIFA does. Like the old EA saying goes… “If it’s in the game. It’s in the game.”

It is easy for returning fans to simply pick up the latest edition. What about newcomers?  It’s not hard at all. I was able to find my feet quite quickly. Sure the game is hard and getting on par with my peers will take some grinding but it has amazing tutorials that help fast track the learning curb. But achieving excellence comes down to experience. There are options to dial down the intensity and difficulty levels but I strongly advise against that. Rough it out. Soon you will find yourself getting those elusive crosses right. And then you will start putting more balls at the back of the net.

The more you succeed the more you crave. If that doesn’t encapsulate the essence of the game, then I suppose not much else will. Like I said earlier, I haven’t bought a copy in ages, but now that I have played it, I have fallen in love with it. I will be button mashing and soon I will be ready… I will return to my friends and I will dominate!!!!


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Today, 2K is proud to announce that NBA® 2K20, the next iteration of the top-selling and top-rated NBA video game simulation series, is now available worldwide. With the release, NBA 2K20 continues to redefine what’s possible in sports gaming, featuring best-in-class graphics and gameplay, groundbreaking game modes, and unparalleled player control and customization. In addition, with its immersive open-world Neighborhood, NBA 2K20 is a platform for gamers and ballers to come together and create what’s next in basketball culture.

“Each year, the team at Visual Concepts aims to push the boundaries of what’s possible with basketball video games,” said Greg Thomas, president of Visual Concepts. “With NBA 2K20, we’re reaching new heights in all aspects of the game and can’t wait to play alongside our community of basketball fans and gamers.”

NBA 2K20 features many new additions and improvements, greatly expanding upon the foundations established after more than two decades of development.

These include:

As Real as it Gets -NBA 2K20

Pushes the boundaries of basketball simulation further than ever. Take complete control of your offense with the next evolution of the Pro Stick. Execute seamless pick and rolls, and evade the defense with the new dribble size-up system and more.

When the Lights are Brightest 

Executive produced by LeBron James and SpringHill Entertainment, this year’s MyCAREER features topical storylines that hit on current social issues. Live the life of an NBA prospect on a quest for success both on and off the court. Your path to stardom firmly in your hands. The cinematic narrative was directed by up-and-coming visionary Sheldon Candis. It features a star-studded cast, including Idris Elba, Rosario Dawson, and NBA all-stars past and present. This is the most visually stunning MyCAREER cinematic experience to date. It brings the journey to life in a completely new and immersive way.


Providing more control than ever before, the new MyPLAYER Builder allows you to make decisions on every aspect of your MyPLAYER’s potential, including choosing your own Takeover. The new, much faster MyPLAYER progression system that allows you to modify your badges while you work to reach your full potential.


For the first time, all 12 WNBA teams and players are in the game and ready to run in Play Now and Season modes. Complete with gameplay animations, play styles, and visuals built exclusively for the women’s game.

United We Play

In collaboration with Steve Stoute and UnitedMasters, this year’s soundtrack features a diverse array of top songs from both well-known and up-and-coming artists from across the globe. As a platform for creativity and discovery, the soundtrack will be dynamically updated. New music post-launch for the first time ever. All from the known to the next generation of top artists. Discover the next big thing in music with live in-game concerts and first-listen song streams.


fantasy card collector is back with all-new events and prizes. Master MyTEAM with daily goals, card-leveling, limited-time events, and even more prizes. Enjoy a simplified user experience that both veterans and rookies will appreciate. And stay connected to the community with Locker Codes, Leaderboards, Developer Tips, Team of the Week, and more.

The Next Neighborhood

Experience a more vibrant, active Neighborhood. Access even more 2K Compete Events, unlock animations with the new Show-Off Stick, play around on the 9-hole Disc Golf course, and earn more exclusive gear than ever before.

Next Level Presentation

Dynamic, broadcast-quality gameplay presentation featuring the deepest roster of talent in sports video game history. Led by Kevin Harlan, Ernie Johnson, and many more. It’s an audio experience unlike any other, with over 60,000 new lines of dialogue, all-new studio shows and game intros, MyPLAYER interviews, records and milestone coverage, and over 2,000 arena-specific crowd reactions and sounds.

Featuring Anthony Davis on the cover, the NBA 2K20 Standard Edition 
(R999) and NBA 2K20 Digital Deluxe Edition are available today on Xbox One, PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC platforms. The NBA 2K20 Legend Edition features Dwyane Wade on the cover. And includes 100,000 Virtual Currency, MyTEAM cards, digital items for MyPLAYERs and more for R1499.

For more information on NBA 2K20please visit NBA.2K.com.

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