The Messiah is the kick-off to 2020’s television roster, launching exactly as the year and decade begins. Based on lore from both Islam and Christianity it is bound to ruffle more than a few feathers. It is centered on the arrival of a new messiah or potential false messiah depending on your beliefs. It is well written and very thought-provoking. A show that isn’t afraid of posing the big questions. What would you do if the messiah really arrived?

Of course, humans being humans react in all sorts of ways, from instant belief and faith to pure skepticism. This allows the show to take multiple directions simultaneously. It makes for very entertaining television and drama.

The Plot that Thickens

It all begins when a random man stands in front of a de-moralized crowd in the heart of a war-torn Middle Eastern country and starts to preach. Soon he has the ear and hearts of many. He coaxes them to walk across the desert.  He brings the Muslims to the doorstep of Israel. This is where it all starts to get more global attention.

Soon he is taken into custody by the Jewish government and interrogated. And it all seems like it is just one spirited man trying to make a stand. Well, until he mysteriously disappears from his cell without an obvious means of escape. Soon he is seen halfway across the world in the USA. This time, from a Christian point of view.

Truth be told, he never states he is Christian or Islamic, but rather simply preaches of a God.

A Gift from God

The Messiah is a well-written show that cleverly creates miracles but ones that can be just as easily explained away. This has the audience guessing throughout the show. Is he really a prophet? Could he be a false messiah? Is he just a very clever regular human?

The show masterfully gives you just enough information at just the right time. This keeps your mind on edge. It also helps move forward the supporting actor’s story at a very healthy pace. And that is important, as this isn’t just the story of a rising messiah. It is also very much a story of humanity. Have we come so far as to forget the past? If God is real, how does a lifelong atheist deal with that?

Like I said, a very thought-provoking series. The downside is that does take certain religious practices and flaunts it. Personally I like it as it shows how intertwined most religions are. Though there’s no doubt that is will leave a certain bad taste in some people’s mouths.

The Truth Hurts

Amongst all the religious aspects, there are some very real issues that are tackling within the shows subplots. And I think that is what people should try and take away. It tackles everything from PTSD to heretic indoctrinating of kids. The show does hold a lot back. It isn’t always graphic. In fact, the raw carnage is seldom even shown, but clever cinematography and excellent acting help pull the audience in and feel the immense fear and pain that war brings. The innocent blood that is spilled in the name of God and the glory of the men that pushes it so that they may profit.

However, war isn’t the only thing that destroys people; there are domestic demons as well. Messiah is smart enough to bring the conflict a little closer to home. This is done via the arc of a waning pastor and his family. This part may be smaller in scope but probably hits closer to home for most people.


The show is brilliant, and of course, will be controversial. It will offend some and it will enlighten some. I hope you read this and just watch it for what it is intended. A what-if series. You don’t even need to believe in God. The show will grip you in some capacity. regardless of your beliefs, it is a damn good show and will have you entertained.