DARKSEID: “See what I have made! Imagine what is yet to come! I take away their confusion and give them obedience. And I take away their fear of themselves and give them the fear of Darkseid. I have liberated them from the chaos and indecision! I have given one straight path! One clear purpose! One goal: To die for Darkseid!

There’s really a few supervillains if there is any that is as terrifying as the Dread Lord of Apokolips, Darkseid. Darkseid is a New God from the Fourth World within the DC Multiverse, a realm only New Gods can exist, a race of powerful deities that exist in a place beyond the normal DC Multiverse. Darkseid is often known as the tyrannical ruler of the “fiery depths” of Apokolips and the physical embodiment of Evil but he is mostly known as the arch-enemy of the Justice League. Today I just want to introduce you to the 8 most badass moments by Darkseid.

1. Soulfire Darkseid restraining the Source itself. The Source is the very fabric that holds existence together, a sort of sentience found throughout the DC Multiverse, therefore, it is everywhere, it can do anything and it knows everything.

comic-book source: Death of the New Gods

2. Darkseid crushing a Face Hugger with his barehands. Note the acid of a Face Hugger could hurt even a New God, but it couldn’t even hurt the Darkseid.

Comic-book source: Superman/Alien 2: God War

Face Hugger

3. Darkseid firing a Radion Bullet that outran all the speeders and transversed spacetime into the past kill his own son, Orion. He did it on purpose.

comic-book source: Final Crisis


4. Darkseid crushing a Green Lantern Ring with his barehand, a feat thought to be impossible. A Green Lantern Ring is said to be indestructible and the most powerful weapon in the universe forged by the immortals of Oa called the Guardians.

comic-book source: Green Lantern #3


5. Darkseid creates a singularity at the center of the universe, that is so powerful not even the Green Lantern Corps members can escape.

comic-book source: Final Crisis


6. Darkseid telepathically controlling the minds of 3 billion Daxamites, which is an entire planet’s population. Daxamites are superhuman beings like the Kryptonians, meaning they’re a powerful race but they still fell under the influence of the Dread Lord.

comic-book source: The Great Darkness Saga


7. Darkseid hitting the Silver Surfer with an Omega Beam that incapacitates him for while despite all the Power Cosmic courses through his being.

comic-book source: Darkseid vs Galactus: The Hunger

Silver surfer

8. Darkseid with Desaad cutting off Mary Marvel and Black Adam from their Gods, leading them to be stripped of their abilities. They wail in pain because their abilities are being stripped away as they watch hopelessly.

comic-book source: Final Crisis


These are the badass moments of the Dark Lord of Apokolips. DON’T mistake these as his most powerful moments, he has done far more mind-boggling things but I’ll make sure to cover those powerful feats in the future. So what are your badass moments from your favorite supervillain? And who do you think I should for the next article?

DARKSEID: “Thus let him suffer the wrath of Darkseid.

Article by the Nerdy Sipho Bukali