Cosplayer name: Cashmere Tart


Name: Micheline

Surname: du Toit

Age: 26

Facebook: @CashmereTart

Instagram: @Cashmere_Tart

Twitter: @Cashmere_Tart

Favorite Food: American style Hot Dogs!

Favorite Drink: Redbull

Favorite Movie: The Wolf of Wallstreet, Fight Club, Suckerpunch

Favorite Song: All the Small Things – Blink182

Favorite Series: The Handmaids Tale, Dexter, Hannibal, The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, True Blood

Favorite Animation/Cartoon: Courage The Cowardly Dog, South Park, Harley Quinn, Monsters Inc, A Bugs Life

Favorite Character: Harley Quinn

Favorite Comic: The Deadpool comics

Favorite Pokemon: Evee (favourite Eveelution Vaporeon)

Favorite Colour: Baby Pink

Likes: Ridiculously high platform sneakers, ASMR Slime Videos, Crime Documentaries, SpaceX launches, my Nivea Showergel that smells like sunscreen 🙂

Dislikes: People in Mascot suits, Drinking the last sip of anything in a cup/glass, Pink Marshmallows, SPIDERS, Driving (mostly cause I’m trash at it)

BIO: Micheline is an internationally accredited professional make-up artist working in the Fashion & Film industry on projects like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, international commercials & films. After studying Fashion & Textile design in Australia, she moved back to SA to pursue a career in Make-Up Artistry which, combined with her love for comics & gaming, inevitably led to cosplaying.

Motto/Slogan: Be kind