Cosplayer name:  Psycadillo

Name:  Daniella

Surname:  Mosca

Age: 21

Instagram: @psycadillo

Favorite Food: Mac n Cheese or Lasanga (or anything pasta related!)

Favorite Drink: Passion fruit & lemonade

Favorite Movie: Django Unchained, Return of the Jedi, Wonder Woman, The Great Gatsby, etc.

Favorite Song: She’s My Winona – Fall Out Boy

Favorite Series: The Witcher, Stranger Things, Parks and Recreation, The Office, Critical Role, the list could go on for light-years

Favorite Animation/Cartoon: The Road to El Dorado

Favorite Character: Han Solo (Sorry Wonder Woman!)

Favorite Comic: I won’t lie, I don’t actively own and read comics (much to my own disappointment), but as an artist and creator I appreciate any form of artwork and absolutely adore pouring through any comic thrown at me!

Favorite Colour: Maroon, or any darker variation of red

Likes: Star Wars, Making others laugh, cats (definitely cats), RPGs, seeing my friends excel at what sets their hearts on fire, combat boots in any form, oversized hoodies, sushi, talking to people I love

Dislikes: Spiders, watching my favorite franchises full to ruin, seeing a sense of classism or elitism in the creative sphere based on skill or ability, spiders again (I’m sorry, they’re the worst), being too short to reach anything and feeling like more of a hobbit than a person.

BIO: Daniella Mosca (or Dani for the majority of the world), is an Honours Information Design student who has had a passion for costume design, creation and dresses up since the time she could walk. Being self-taught in her skill, she encourages everyone to take the leap and kickstart their passions. She is passionate about mental health awareness and uses her platform to share her cosplay work as well as her journey through life.

Motto/Slogan: Change their minds, and change the world.

A special shout out to Psycadillo’s photographers fro taking these great shots.

Neal Strydom (@nealstrydom)

Keenan Constance (@keenangrams)

Stephen Segal (@stephensegal_za)