I was recommended Supernatural by a friend many years ago. The show was already two years old. Not being a horror fan at the time I was reluctant. A few episodes in and I was hooked. I could not get enough. Within days I was all caught up and itching for more. The show was designed to be a 5 season arc. The story ending with the inevitable defeat of Lucifer. However, with all things successful in the show business, there is no such thing as over as long as there is money to be made.

The show had some low points after season 5 as it struggled to find its way forward. It did eventually find its feet. The show embraced its biggest drawcard…family. Before Vin Diesel was toasting to family a quarter-mile at a time, it was Sam and Dean who showed us what it meant to be family.

Brothers in Arms

That’s what the show is, at its heart. A story about two brothers journey. It just happens that the journey is saving the world by killing monsters and demons. Over its fifteen season run, we have seen the brothers die, turn evil, and be brought back from the fiery pits of hell itself.

Now the time has come to say goodby to the Winchester brothers. It is going to be hard to go another year without Supernatural. To me, it became a big part of my life. The charm of the show made me feel like I was with them as they grew.

We each have our favorite of the two. I lean towards Dean played by the charismatic Jenson Ackles. Others prefer Jared Padalecki who stars as the wise Sam. Whoever is your favorite doesn’t matter as everyone agrees on the balance each other beautifully. Stars aside the show supporting cast is also a sight to behold.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Whether on the side of good or bad or those that walk the fine line in between. The show always had a fascinating cast. Lucifer and Crowley pulled out some killer performances. And let’s not forget Bobby the boy’s pseudo father or even Death himself who send shivers down our spine yet had us itching for more. The show had a tendency to create some fascinating supporting cast. 

There have been many moments in the show that broke our hearts, tear-jerking moments that tugged on every fiber of our emotion. And there have been fun-filled episodes that put a wry grin for days. And last but certainly not least was the meta episodes that a little gems dedicated to the fans. After all, who can forget the charm of the Scooby-Doo episode?

Carry On My Wayward…

I suppose all good things must come to an end. Maybe the time for Dean and Sam has come for them to finally rest. God (himself) knows it.  So let’s join them for their last hoorah as they take on the creator himself. It’s going to be an ending to behold I am sure. How will it end? Well, that’s anyone guess.