XM Studios has long been one of the most premium statue crafters to date. They have delivered beautiful renditions of our most beloved characters to our doors. Renowned for their incredible attention to detail, they have created works of art. I don’t need to go on writing the reasons why they are a cut above the rest. Rather let’s focus on how they just beat themselves on their newest line. The Samurai Line.

Like I said earlier they are infatuated with attention to details and this time, with the Samurai Line, they took it to the next level. A complete line of Batman centric characters rendered in traditional samurai guise. The result is nothing short of breathtaking. Employing some o the world’s leading sculptors, XM has gone all out to produce some of the most beautiful pieces to date.

The sheer nature of the style requires very fine details and the XM Studios: Samurai Line doesn’t shy away from but rather embraces that fact. Even the graining on the stone is carefully carved to give it that realistic and authentic look and feel. The paint application is a wonderful mixture of metallic and matte to help breathe life into these works of art. There is no doubt about the time and effort that has gone into creating these works of art.

Enter Symbiote

This type of collectible does not come cheap. That’s where Symbiote Premium Collectibles steps in. Much like the moniker they have chosen, the bond would you to help augment your pockets. Through handshakes and smart logistics, they are able to bring these into South Africa much cheaper than you would be able to on your own.

The icing is their payment plan. This brings it to much more affordable budgets. Another important point is that all plans are interest-free. Rather than saving for months only to find out the price has jumped due to scarcity. You can now simply pre-order it through their website. What you will get is the best possible price on the planet as well as low monthly payment plans.

Low prices are great but service is the benchmark. Well in my books anyway. Symbiote has this in spades. Ready to answer any question and will go more than the extra mile to keep the customer happy and satisfied. The goal of the organization is to make the brand accessible to the broader market. We deserve to have a premium statue, symbiotic help makes this possible. At Symbiote, there is a team of dedicated individuals that will help you find and fund the perfect piece. And don’t fret if ever there is damage, they also have a specialized sculpture/artist that will repair any damage down the line, because life happens.


If there is a time to get an XM Statue, then that time is now. And it’s this line. It will never be repeated. Not even close. This is a unique once in a lifetime line. The escalation of value will rocket to realms out of this world. So why hesitate, go check them out here: