It has been a decade since Project Mayhem burst onto the collecting scene. Since then they have grown from their humble beginnings to being a prominent player. We have known Reza and Nas for just as long. They are more than just friends, the family.

This year Project Mayhem is turning the big 10 and they don’t seem to be slowing down. If anything they dialing it up. To celebrate their anniversary they have launched a spectacular sale on some very cool collections. (Check out the link at the end of the article) There some epic pieces here with never to be repeated prices.

Follow this link for the SALE OF THE DECADE

It isn’t always about the sale with the Mayhems (no that’s not their real surname but wouldn’t that be cool) They are deeply invested in our community. Their Halloween specials on Florida Road have become a key event in Durban Community. Let’s not forget their movie nights (sigh I miss those the most) Working with Ster Kinekor they brought us some killer premiers at great prices and often throw these highly collectible movie posters for free. It also brought us closer as a community, letting us find friends that would otherwise not be possible.

If you are new to Project Mayhem, don’t worry they pretty easy to find online and stock up on a variety of goodies. So whether you into Marvel or DC or even He-Man they have something for you. They have very competitive pricing that ranges from entry-level to some pretty epic pieces. Oh and if you had your eye on something super duper expensive don’t even stress about it. Their interest-free payment plans allow you to own these higher-end pieces. (Little secret it’s how I grew my collection)

So here’s to the dynamic duo at Project Mayhem, wishing them many more years and also a big thank you. They had been a huge part of Nerdgasm and our growth. We look forward to many more adventures with you guys. But first… shopping 🙂