It was almost three decades ago, the year was 1992 and the venue was dusty tea room that smelt of snowballs and wicks bubblegum. Armed with just 20 cents I was about to play the game that would change me from a boy to a man. Mortal Kombat… (cue catchy theme song)

Yes, it is one of if the king of fighting games, and while often compared to Street Fighter it has always stood out as its own thing. When it launched it was very different from anything that had come before it. Originally designed as a Van Damme starring game but had to quickly change course once he baled on the project. However, his character survived (kinda) in Johnny Cage. But you didn’t play MK for that story. Nope, it was for the bloody gruesome Fatalities. The essence of Mortal Kombat is not about winning but about mortal men and women standing up… nope. It’s about winning and performing sweet fatalities on your opponent. Even better if it’s a friend.

As the year progressed it the graphics and engines improved and everything just got better, then came the switch to 3D and it was awful. Heavily pixilated characters doing finishing moves that produced blocks of red blood, that’s right, blocks. MK4 was deemed a franchise killer. It seems Ed Boon and his team had performed a Hara-Kiri.

But then came Deception and once again changed the game that changed the game. MK was back baby. Since then they have never looked back. Augmenting from strength to strength with each new title. Come April 23rd they about to take to the next level.

And the next level is very similar to its sister title Injustice 2. Essentially built on the same engine they always have loads in common. This it’s the customization and upgrades which is still pretty hush hush for now. And word on the street is Boon is slowly veering away from loot boxes. Essentially any micro-transaction that does find its way to MK11 will have no impact on character or upgrades. So you can’t buy your way to a more powerful character. This made me happy. As an old school gamer that grew up with grinding, we had 20c to slot in a machine and muscle our way to the boss.

There are both old and new characters returning from fan favorites like Scorpion and Sub Zero to Skarlet and for the first time ever female villain Kronika. This is also something that was exciting, nothing ever lived up to Shao Khan, and them always trying to replicate it compounded that. I am happy the villain is a sleek, sexy but powerful female character. And with an ever-growing female fan base, this will go down well.

So we will further elaborate as we wind down the road to Mortal Kombat. Next Time… New Characters.