.,Marvel maybe leaps ahead on the big screen but when it comes to television there is no doubt that DC reigns supreme. However, ironically they have opted for the tween-friendly approach to most of their shows. On the CW, Arrow is their grimmer series, which is about as dark as grape flavored bubblegum. Constantine proved to be grittier but didn’t seem to have the legs. And while Gotham uses dark filters, it is all atmospheric. Enter the Titans

See nobody does dark better than DC, and what better way to honor that than having their streaming app debut with Titans, a gritty and in your face series that literally even sticks it to Batman.

The series follows Dick Grayson AKA The Boy Wonder as he falls out with Bruce and heads out to find his own path. He tries to find the simple life and begins a career as a detective, so he can still help the world. But the further he tries to distance himself from his past the faster it catches up with him. Soon his path finds him on a crash course back to heroism. One by one he meets the future Titans, Starfire, Raven, and BeastBoy.

I loved this series, and even though I may be a little biased. I stand by it being among the best offerings currently airing. It is rough, raw and in your face. Not governed by traditional TV rules it has the luxury of really spreading its wings. It is neatly packed in a 10 episode arc. This is fast becoming a favorite form for me. it manages to keep core elements of each and every character while still feeling fresh.

Starfire or rather the actress came under heavy fire for her looks. I still am not fully sold on her physical appearance, but she does some fine acting. The fix is simple, keep the actor, soften the hair, improve orange hue on her skin and for God sakes given her a change of clothes. A superhero outing isn’t a superhero outing without a cameo, Titans doesn’t fall short or hold back. There is plenty to keep you smiling and stick around for the end credit after the final episode, you will thank me for that. The only cameo I will mention is Jason Todd, as he has been out publicly. The rest you have to watch and enjoy for yourselves. I personally loved the interaction between the Robins. Essentially the same hero, trained by the same Bat, but so very different.

The series does have its flaws as it tends to go Walking Dead at times. The mid-season feels a little disjointed and mcguffins don’t play out the way they should. These are not deal breakers but minor annoyances that only prevent it from being superior. All in all, it is a fantastic series to watch and has nicely set up for a proper season 2.