Over the years we have had great Batman movies and a stinker or two, however, there has always been one star that has always managed to capture the hearts of fans. The Batmobile is one of the most significant parts of Batology (see what I did there) that has ever existed.

Batmobile Begins

It started off as a simple red car that was just meant for our flightless hero to transport himself in. Since then it evolved into an advanced tactical piece of machinery that at times has even been sentient. We all have our favorite, for me, it is to date is the one from Tim Burton’s Batman 1989. It’s sleek slammed design coupled with functioning artillery and one big ass burner on it rear end is the perfect fit for our cape crusader. It is the one that set the president for every car that came after.

Warner Brothers have this batastic documentary on YouTube where the revisit the development of all the Batmobile to ever grace our screens. It is an hour-long segment that takes you through key stages of each of the car’s birth. Forgive the pun, but it is truly a marvel to look at how these cars take shape. This time we get to see how the cars are initially conceptualized as well as how much it changes before it is finally unveiled to us.

Batmobile Forever

Frankly put, it is simply amazing the engineering that goes into making these beautiful vehicles. Most of them are fully functional, within reason of course.  The Tumbler through hails through as the most engineered of all them. Built from the ground up it is as formidable in real life as it is in the movies. Even the animated car from the acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series has its moment to shine.

The documentary is a brilliant tribute to the behind the scenes folk who work endless hours to bring us that one iconic moment when the Batmobile speeds onto our screens. This show will reawaken the kid in you. It’s is filled with interesting facts and interesting interviews with the creators of these timeless pieces of art. It is a must-watch for any Batman fan. Even ol’ Bats said it himself… “It’s the car right? Chicks dig the car!”