Father’s of Cosplay: Jarid-fx

Cosplayer Name: jarid-fx

Name: Jarid

Surname: Norman

Age: 35

Facebook: Jarid Norman

Instagram: jarid_norman

YouTube: jarid norman

Favorite Food: Anything covered in cheese

Favorite Drink: It depends on my mood, but a whiskey never goes a miss… and a tequila. Or two

Favorite Movie: The original Predator

Favorite Song: It also depends on my mood. I have many! But I do love a good rock tune most days

Favorite Series: I’d have to say final space. Chookity pak!

Favorite Animation/Cartoon: being a daddy, I’ve grown to love them all.

Favorite Anime: Oooh, the Americanised version of nusicaa and the valley of the wind… “warriors of the wind”

Favorite Character: The xenomorph from alien and the original predator.

Favorite Comic: Spawn

Favorite Colour: IfI had a girlfriend I’d say her eyes… “aaaaaaaw”… but but I don’t. So… black.

Likes: Playing with my son every day. cosplay, spearfishing, movies, designing, making people smile, and that feeling you get when you swing on your chair and almost fall backwards… but save it just in time.

Dislikes: People who judge or are opinionated. Animal abuse. And olives. Just yuck.


I started out costume building for Halloween parties from a young age, then I went into film and worked on international movies in stunts, special effects and creature design for 7 years. I got into acting and acted in a few well known American tv series. I then was blessed with my baby son Hunter, and have been full-time single daddy ever since, and have loved every minute of it. A few years later discovered the local cosplay world and was hooked. Hooked on the culture, the people, and the opportunity to showcase my abilities and skillsets in costume creation. Now I cant wait till my boy is old enough to cosplay with me!! Besides that, I’m just a person who loves socializing. Meeting new people and generally being happy. There’s always a lot to say about ones self…. But I prefer to have people find out about me by meeting me, as a lot more is said and believed being face to face.

Your Words:  Passion, perseverance, ambition, and marmalade… say it out aloud M A R M A L A D E…. Just gets your tongue rolling doesn’t it?

Motto/Slogan: Never believe you can’t. And. Do or do not, there is no try.