Cosplayer name: MikaShino Cosplay

Name: (optional) Mika

Surname: (optional) N/A

Age: 22

Facebook: MikaShino Cosplay

Instagram: @mikashino_cos

TikTok: @mikashino_cos

Twitter: N/A

YouTube: MikaShino Cosplay

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Drink: Coffee

Favorite Movie: Descendants

Favorite Song: Turning Page by Sleeping at last

Favorite Series: Supernatural

Favorite Animation/Cartoon: Lilo & Stitch

Favorite Anime: Darling in the Franxx

Favorite Character: Zero Two (From Darling in the Franxx)

Favorite Comic: Spiderman

Favorite Colour: Blue

Likes: Animals, Kindness, Music, Cosplay, Movies and Lazy days

Dislikes: Disloyalty, Injustice and Cruelty

BIO: I’m Mika, a goofy cosplayer from South Africa. Cosplay is more than just a hobby to me, it has helped me figured out who I am and who I want to be. It has given me confidence, I never thought I would have and shown me that I am capable of way more than I give myself credit for. It has also allowed me to make the most amazing friends and memories that I wouldn’t replace for the world.
Thank you so much for deciding to feature me.

Your Words: Stay weird!

Motto/Slogan: Be the change you wish to see in the world


March Cosplayer of the Month: Toonibug


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