We caught up with one of Warner Media Africa heads, Ariane Suveg  ( Programming director and head of Kids Content Africa ). We had a great chat on current trends and the future on tv in SA. The focus, of course, is on animation for now.

  1. When will the local toons air?

The shorts will officially launch on January 11th at 17:15, DSTV channel 301 and GoTV channel 67 (Ghana 158/Uganda 356). These shorts be part of a new branded bloc on CN, named Sesha Fest. Which will be dedicated to the craziest, most imaginative shorts our programming team will find and curate specifically for our CN Africa fans.

  1. Will we get the more classic 80’s cartoons?

We love our classic cartoons and are making sure to keep them alive and relevant by also continuing their adventures for audiences today, with brand new episodes and spin-offs. A great example is the upcoming show based on The Flintstones, which will premiere on Boomerang in February, called Yabba-Dabba Dinosaurs, where the Flintstone kids, Fred and Wilma, are at the center. Our channel Boing, available in Eastern Africa, is also filled with classic favorites, like Dexter’s Laboratory, Codename: Kids’ Next Door and Johnny Bravo.

  1. Is there any possibility we will get a DC streaming app?

The DC Superheroes are very popular in Africa, and we have run several events celebrating them, for example by recently having a DSTV pop-up channel called Super Heroes HQ: where all DC most popular heroes were gathered on one single destination. WarnerMedia Africa currently operates a linear channel dedicated to superheroes only: Toonami, which offers DC animation series such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Young Justice. 

  1. Do you feel that the death of cable or satellite tv is imminent?

In Africa, classic TV distribution and consumption is very strong, but it is true to say that the context is changing fast now globally – and Africa is part of that move. We make sure to be where our fans are, through linear but also on on-demand services. However, it’s not just about Where but also How – in what formats, and in which way content is being consumed today. We ensure to be present on several forums and with their specific and unique requirements, aligning with the digital online culture that we live in today.

  1. What are the plans for next year?

Keep making African audiences laugh and enjoy themselves! We are very excited about a lot of upcoming content, new episodes of favorite shows and brand-new series altogether. We have eight new shows coming up in 2020 on Cartoon Network, 690 brand new episodes and 180h of brand-new content. Boomerang is just behind, with three never-before-seen shows on the channel, 442 new episodes and 95 hours of fresh new content.

The first ones out will be Yabba-Dabba Dinosaurs, as previously mentioned, premiering in a sneak-peek on Boomerang February 1st. We have the new Cartoon Network Original show Maomao coming up already in January on the 27th. We are happy to premiere new Pop-Up Party clips, derived from our African dance show which is produced locally, in Kenya this year. We are also exploring how to start developing our first fully animated series in Africa, alongside a first full production dedicated to our online platforms.