It is amazing how we have become dependent on the apps on our phones. From something as simple as checking the weather to ordering food. There is no going back now. To test this out I decided to order some food without Mr. Delivery and Uber Eats.

So after and lengthy and heated conversation, the wife and I figured out what we felt like eating, which mind you was chicken tikka and a lamb bunny, we then decided where. Much like our previous burger foray, we were on the hunt for the perfect tikka and bunny in Durban. We picked out this place on Windermere. Barbecue Tonight Take Away. It was random and daring.

We made the call and placed the order, but which was to be delivered by their own delivery service. Once that was done the waiting game begun. We were given a turnaround time of 45mins. So we set our alarms and got busy with… well nothing really. Just sitting in the lounge and talking to the kids.

Order In

An hour had past and I made the call. As expected there were delays for blah blah blah reasons. 15 minutes later I get a call with the notation my food will be there in 5 minutes. So I took a slow walk outside lit a cigarette and waited… and waited. 25 minutes later my food arrived. I grabbed it begrudgingly and paid the driver.

The bottom line it was frustrating, I couldn’t track the food or the delivery and had to wait blindsided for 2 hours. Even questioning as to whether the food would be delivered or not. Had this been done over an app try would have certain standards to adhere to. But even that aside, what’s most annoying was the inability to see where in the order they were.

Life Will Find An App

The truth is the apps own us now. We can never go back to the way it used to be. The convenience factor is very much worth the surcharge. We now in an age where our lives are governed by the collage of apps on our phones. Personally, I couldn’t be much happier. It brings a certain degree of control to any situation, and that over and above the convenience factor. When it comes down to online shopping, it reduces the chances of someone messing up your order. This ever so important especially when it comes to one’s food orders. Let us now forget the luxury of not having to carry cash around. Last but certainly not least is social distancing. With no real indication of Covid ever really going away, this is maybe a more important pull factor than the statements before.

Whatever your reason or reasons tend to be, there is little doubt that this is the way. Unless you enjoy the stress of waiting around for your food in what can feel like forever. And it’s just going to get better as all your favorite little boutique stores slowly adopt the growing trend. Soon there will be no need to ever leave home… God help my wife.