We all have watched Cartoon Network. We all grew up with cartoons, I remember waking up every morning and having my cereal in front of the tv just before school. It was a short but just what we needed before heading off to school. Like most, I wanted to create my own show. Sadly it never came to be. It is not easy creating a show, but there is truly some remarkable talent out there. Warner Media Africa knows this as well. And they have created opportunities so that those special individuals can shine. We will be headlining 3 winners of the Creative Lab Initiative.

All hail from Africa and have created some fantastic shorts. Hopefully, these will evolve into full shows. They all very contemporized but with a very distinct African flavor to them. I was blessed to have seen the full short thanks to Warner Media Africa and their head honcho Ariane. Upon our request, they were also kind enough to create a special trailer for you guys. This is the first view.

Over the next few weeks, we will publish interviews with all three winners as well as Ariane. So follow us on any or all of our channels as we bring you the future of Cartoon Network. Ariane Suveg was kind enough to put me in touch with Ridwaan Moshood who created Garbage Boy, Andrew Philips the mind behind Intergalactic Ice Cream and Mark Kinuthia who brings Majitu to life.