Choosing a headset for gaming is never easy, as we often have to live with our choices for a considerable period. Enter the Logitech G435. A very superior headset at a very reasonable price. Honestly, this doesn’t come as a shock, as I have been using a few of the brand’s products for quite some time now. most often is their entry-level wired mouse. I actually use this for work and found it very functional and responsive. So when Logitech hand me their headset I was stoked, to say the least.

The set is very light, which when compared to my Beats, by Dre Wireless Studio, felt like wearing almost nothing. While this Beats is a clever mix of style and quality, the G435 is more functional and extremely light. Sure they were made for entirely different purposes but for someone who spends hours either with my console or music when working it made me wonder if I should swap out to the less load-bearing set. I didn’t because the Logitech didn’t deliver on the softer notes and deeper bass. But that is okay. That is not what is intended for. I then brought in the entry-level PS4 wired headset. This was bought for my eldest daughter who spends way too much time online in Minecraft. Needless to say the G435 beats it in every way.



Connecting the headset comes in two ways, there is a USB adapter or by way of Bluetooth. With our limited availability of USB slots, we went Blue ( da ba dee da ba doo ). Sadly Sony decided this was not an official headset and rejected the connection. I suppose with it being new, a soon-to-be-live update will fix that. This meant us trying out the lightspeed. The connection was as easy as pushing it to my only available USB slot on my PS4 and selecting headphones. But alas, I had sound but no connection. This has me panicking until I changed the output to Dolby. After that, it was crystal clear. Unfortunately, I don’t own a PS5 to test against. But between my phone for music, PC for movies it worked well. But for me, the real test was with the old faithful Playstation 4.


The sound was crisp and clear with the background noise filtered out. This allowed me to hear my friend on Gran Turismo yell at me ever so clear. Well, that what he got for trying to cut me off anyway. This was due to the dual beamforming mic that allows all the sound to be captured. The top feature has a small drawback which results in some ambient sound being collected. This isn’t a big issue, most noticeable during those awkward load screens.

Charging is easy as pie, as the set comes with the ever-friendly USB-C / USB cable and can feed most power supplies. The set is very ergonomically designed, with comfort being a big focus. Whether resting on my huge head or my little girl it always fitted snug. The muffs feel really good against the ear. I didn’t have that hot ear effect. The muffs are very breathable and in my longest session that lasted 4 hours, I didn’t feel all sticky. Speaking of time, the G435 can last up to 18 hours but I have yet to fully test this. Sadly the device did not connect to our Xbox One. I am still trying to find a workaround for this.

Bottom line, this is a great headset, with some lovely colour options and good value for money. It ticks all the right boxes except ones with x’s before it. If they can get them on the two big boys’ official list this will be a hot seller.