I do my gaming on consoles almost exclusively, however, I also have this torrid affair with strategy games. So while the bulk of my game time doesn’t require a mouse. The gaming I do on PC certainly does, as does my time in the office. Until a few days ago I used a stock USB mouse on both fronts. It did the job. Then I got the Logitech G102 delivered and boy did I settle.

Light Up My Life

The G102, essentially the entry-level gaming mouse is a beauty to look at. Available in either soft matter back or white (whitish-grey) it looks and feels premium. To most gamers, it may feel basic, but to someone like me who is coming of stock, it feels really good. At 85 grams it is super light and the shape is extremely ergonomic. It genuinely feels comfortable in my hands. This has even lead me to swap it out with my work mouse. My extended hours at work could really benefit from this device. Sure it feels a little flashy for work. However, the comfort and application far outweigh the green eyes of workmates. I am sure Logitech didn’t really intend it for the work environment but I beg to differ. I have been using it at work for a few days and it really has made things a little easier. And you know what, the flashy lights made work less…well work.

Speaking of the flashy lights, well that comes in form of the G logo as a thin strip that runs from one half of the back end to the other. It ranges between its color schemes which are customizable to a decent extent, and the brightness level isn’t intrusive. There are even options to include these lighting in-game modes, however, I have yet to explore this. The G102 has a decent length cable at 2.1m and the device itself is spec’d at 116.6mm long, 62.15mm wide, and 38.2 mm.


The G102 could not have come at a more perfect time. I was already in the market for a wireless mouse, again more for work. After using this I felt no need to even consider another mouse for along time. Even simple tasks as point and click are a breeze and feel superior on the mouse. There are two extra buttons when compared to a standard mouse. This is below the more expensive mice specs. So if you looking for more functionality then this may not be for you. fo me it was spot on. I found a mouse that was responsive enough for my gaming needs as well as well-designed for extended work hours on the pc. It is a fantastic entry-level mouse that has a dual purpose. At a recommended retail price of R499, it isn’t badly priced. What about wireless? I kind of do wish to have that as well, but then the budget moves up. I think that is the trade-off from Logitech. It is something I am happy to live without for now. The G102 is the perfect mouse to buys as one’s first gaming mouse.