Extraction is the new Netflix original movie starring Chris Hemsworth. Launching this Friday 24 April 2020. It is directed by the Russo Bros, yes the very same ones that brought us our beloved last two Avengers movies.

The movie plot is a very familiar plot, an ex-soldier with a tragic past who is now a hero for hire. Of course, his next mission revolves around something close to his mysterious history. Sure enough, the plot is an old tried and trusted formula. Action movie junkies aren’t always looking for deep plot threads and award-winning scripts. All they want is action, thick and fast.

The Actual Plot

The story kicks off when an Indian Drug Lord’s son is kidnapped in a turf war. This forces his hand to employ the services of mercenaries for hire. The mission starts off very easy, with Chris grabbing the boy early on. Of course, the tables turn quickly as the kidnapper seals of the city and starts to hunt them down with his not so small army of thugs. Tyler ( Chris Hemsworth ) and the boy ( Rudhraksh Jaiswal ) try to make their way to the extraction point.

As they make their way through the underground of Bangladesh, they are met with endless hostility and even a few plot twists.

The Glory Days

Extraction takes us back to the glory days of practical effects instead of over-saturated inclusion of CGI. Most of the action sequences are close combat. This heightens the impact and creates the illusion that one is actually in the scene. Well, that’s what I felt anyway.

The fights are well choreographed and highly intense and very dependent on the actor’s abilities. Luckily Chris certainly has the acting chops to suspend our disbelief.

The location is also a major contributing factor to the film’s authenticity as the grim streets of India and Bangladesh isn’t often explored. The film doesn’t dress the movie with polished and contoured faces. Rather it augments the poverty-stricken cities by dulling the beauty of the actors. We also see the grim face of the Indian underground, which helps the movie shed some of it’s been there done that image of yesteryear.

Final Shot

This movie is most definitely worth a watch, a while the plot may not be ground-breaking it is enough to keep you in your seat. Moving past the plot, the movie itself has a lot going for it. It has a heart that comes in the form of the bond between the boy and Tyler. Sure this could be the Stockholm syndrome but I would rather ignore the fact and embrace the point that kids have the innate ability to soften the hardest of hearts.

It great to see both the Russo’s and Chris extend their abilities to projects other than Marvel. Extraction is the modern throwback to all things good about action movies. Once again Netflix strikes gold.

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