Streaming games has become one of the greatest forms of entertainment recently. South Africa is no slouch on the front either. Many gamers are diving into streaming, some simply for fun or others who want to develop it into a revenue stream.

Mettlestate could not have chosen a more appropriate time to launch this initiative. They are looking for a few streamers. They will help support and grow their audience. This is all in the effort to boost the already growing streaming community here in beautiful South Africa.

The Down Low

Their initiative will run for four weeks initially, this will allow it to gain the traction it so richly deserves. You don’t even need a large following. They are willing to support and aid even the least known gamer. They will even assist by sponsoring a R500 Steam Voucher, which one can give away during a stream. Mettlestate will even share the streamer’s posts and streams, thus giving maximum exposure to the streamer. They will further support them with their own post about the streamer.

The promotion will also include introductory Bios for said candidates, in order to help the audience get to know the streamer.


To gain more information, kindly visit the pages or social media channels. You can also side mission it through Logitech’s #PlayAtHomeZA tag. The good people at Logitech will sponsor a full-blown streaming kit. This kit will include the G502 hero mouse, the G513 keyboard, the G Pro X headset, and the Brio webcam.

Winners will be decided via polls which are can also be found on their site. The streamer will be sponsored by Logitech and be required to display the branding via the live stream. More gear or giveaways are still on the card but have not yet been determined.

Game on

This is a not to be missed opportunity for anyone and everyone. Whether you picking up the joystick for the first time or a veteran, this is a once in a lifetime chance.

So gamer boys and gamer girls, power up and head over to the site and sign up, then maybe you can level up. Time to grind another victory! Let’s build the streaming community.


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