The 80’s brought us many things that will remain in our hearts forever, but for me, none are as fun as the movie Back to the Future. I didn’t get to watch it upon its theoretical release but rather on home video. That did not hinder it from becoming one of my all-time favorite movies. Years later it is just as enjoyable as ever. Not only is movie fun but artistically holds up pretty well. But this isn’t about the entire movie but rather just the star. I am not talking about Marty or Doc Brown, no, I am talking about the real star. The Time Machine, the DeLorean, the car that changed the very fabric of time.

So about a year ago, Jacklin the official distributor for Eaglemoss brought in Build the DeLorean, it was a weekly series that came with parts that allowed you to essentially build a replica of the famous car from Back to the Future. It spans over 130 and today I just reached the halfway mark.

Building 1:8 scale replica has been both fun and challenging, but as I began to reach the midpoint and the car starting to take real shape I felt a sense of accomplishment. There really is something quite satisfying about building a car from scratch. For me thus far was the construction of the engine bay. This was tricky but gave me insight to basic mechanics. There are those who took it a step further and had custom paint jobs on the engine part to give it that more real and worn in feel. I don’t have that set skill and so had to settle for the chrome-like silver stock finish. I don’t mind though. My joy comes from being able to add on the more movie orientated parts. The flux capacitor is the cherry on top.

I really hope more people get on this bandwagon as this opportunity to own such a detailed replica doesn’t come up too often. The price structure isn’t so bad as opposed to buying this completed at a larger sum of money. Also subscribing comes with free gifts.


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