There isn’t a more original premise than Plants vs Zombies, sure it doesn’t really make sense but that’s to its benefit, not a detriment. It is a weird concept that just somehow works. It is a game after all and sense doesn’t need to be a factor. Fun should always be the primary objective of any game. Well, that’s what I think anyway.


Yeah, the story isn’t that complex, its plants and zombies making a play for the neighborhood. It is simple and to the point. The focus is dedicated to actual gameplay. Not every game needs to have a complex story that drives the game forward. Sometimes we just want to kill zombies with our plants for no reason and that’s okay.


The graphics are not the highly detailed versions of Modern Warfare or FIFA, but more in line with animation. This perfectly suits the game. The fun animation reaches out to all ages. Easy colors with a cartoon-like vibe bring this mad concept game to life. The bright colors and animation style let you know immediately that you are in for a weird and wonderful world. If you have to compare it to any game or games, I think it would fall in line with Mario or Spyro.


The game is as easy as pie to pick up and play. This helps a lot when considering the wide target audience it is trying to reel in. My 7-year-old and I spent hours in two-player mode. She figured out the basics within five minutes and was popping plants with surprising accuracy. However, the menus were a little on the tricky side. While they were very fascinating to look at with all the colorful details, it was distracting and confusing at times. This was a little egg on the face for me. See I always felt menus was becoming very generic. I take that back now. I get it, it should be simple as easy to navigate.

There is a wide variety of characters from both factions to choose from. Each has their own unique ability and weapons. There are also customizable and upgradeable. You can choose from zombies in the guise of retro stereotypes or familiar plants like a rose or corn that are now armed with some serious firepower.

The arenas are simply adorable. We spent time simply exploring them and enjoying the view. This makes all the multiplayer battles far more enjoyable. And there are quite a few, six, in fact, ranging from Turf Wars to Deathmatches.


The controls are very straight forward. The analog stick provide the movement while the R2 is the default fire for the stock weapon. The four shapes offer some power strikes. Use this wisely as they do have recharge timers. The control feed is pretty solid and you find yourself navigating the arenas with ease. The firing isn’t too shabby either, and you find yourself hitting your enemies quickly. The game could have included an optional auto-aim function that helps younger players ease themselves in.


This is one of those family games that should be in every household. Easy to learn, duel player capabilities and various modes to keep things interesting. It pretty to look at and most importantly extremely fun to play. There are online options as well if that’s your thing. However I think this is a game best played in a room full of friends. Just sitting around the console talking crap while trying to take out a zombie with a sunflower.