Trailers have always been a marketing tool, that’s what they are designed for. However recently this has been truer than ever. Show too much and the film becomes a bore fest, show too little and you may fail to intrigue your audiences. Star Wars finds that sweet spot. The trailer starts off by slowing amping you up. Using its cult classic theme to strike nostalgia and use it as a catalyst to further compound the enthusiasm. But it’s a first look Star Wars. They had us at hello.

Mad TIE Fighter Scene

The trailer itself shows us Rey in what seems to be a training session until a sooped up TIE fighter comes charging at her. All we see is black gloves controlling the space fighter. You would easily be forgiven for thinking this is old Kylo looking for another duel with his nemesis. But fast forward to the end and we hear a very distinct, cackling laughter. Yes, the Emperor seems to have returned.

So what if those black gloves belong to another Skywalker? I know, that’s a big if. But let’s look at it from two perspectives. Firstly the simpler commercial implications. Darth Vader is merchandise gold. Disney would be foolish not to try and bring him back. If done correctly there are endless ways for him to continue the franchise. He resonated with every generation that loves Star Wars.

But more importantly he is the core character that drove the first two trilogies, he is the driving force that the entire saga depends on. Even with him gone the main protagonist (Ren) still is driven by his nature. Then there is the immediate shock value, which would put mildly would blow the audience’s mind to kingdom come. It’s the Thanos snap but super-charged. It will also allow the prophecy to be fulfilled. So from a story point and canon wise it will neatly wrap up the entire 9 episode arc saga.

If you still doubting,  then listen carefully to when the gloves are shown. Listen to the breath. It’s subtle yet distinct. Then ask yourself why didn’t they show the face of the pilot. Nothing is by accident…


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