The Boys returned to Amazon this week in all its blazing glory. Picking up from where it left us, the show has not lost a single ounce of its momentum. Along with the returning cast are some new faces. The pace of the show if very much akin to its predecessor gently laying the groundwork for the season. Building ever so elegantly on the rich history it has established. Not all breadcrumbs lead to houses of chocolate though, well in the first three episodes anyway. Sadly the full season was not released. Maybe that’s a good thing. Series remorse is a rough ride after all.

Butcher and his ragtag renegades return to shake up the seven. Already having taken out Translucent early on is season 1, they have returned to cause a little mayhem. Mothers Milk and Frenchie are clearly the heart and conscience of the team. With Hughie and Bill always at loggerheads.

The Seven

The Seven where minus a few when last we saw them. Translucent was killed off, the Deep well… went off the deep, and A-Train was stopped dead in his tracks by Compound V. Even the new member Starlight could technically be scratched off the roster. Homelander didn’t seem to have many trusted people behind him anymore. What he did have was a son though. The big reveal at the end of season 1 lives on and leaves the Kal El Parody a new obsession.

The second season of The Boys digs a little deeper into the psyche of our anti-hero’s and anti-villain. ( Anti-villain? Did I just coin that? ) There are no clean-cut characters in the show. The show is satire at its best and the over the top persona feels like it’s the type of god-complex that real heroes would develop. It even tropes of the with great power comes great responsibility philosophy. It’s complex and smart with humor so dark you may have to turn on the light just to see the punchline.

While The Boys are back and probably with a much larger budget considering season 3 is also confirmed. It is mower in the league of what the big boys have. However, it does use it smartly in creating very original scenes to depict the powers. What is does have in common with two other mega teams is an arrow shorting hero who is the joke of the group. Then again The Deep has some pretty awkward pre-Momoa Aquaman moments.

The bottom line is the show is a deeply character-driven and well-scripted show. Great cast and a story that is articulated well. The Boys are back indeed.