As I normally do on my downtime, I was scrolling the trenches of the internet and found that Joaquin Phoenix has to suppose been offered 50 million dollars to reprise his role as Arthur Fleck the proto joker. Now, I am a huge fan of that movie and while we never saw the Joker we all know and love, it did give us one that could actually exist. And that is more frightening. The movie was a success on every level. And as we all know that once a movie is a success on that level, Hollywood will milk that cow till it’s dry.


Should The Joker Become A Trilogy

Does The Joker need sequels? Well yes and no. Let me elaborate, but before I do let’s look at the movie one more time. First and foremost it does not fit into the current canon. However with the newly expanded multiverse that is also irrelevant. He can easily be just another reality. The move itself was actually the psychoanalysis of mental illness as a whole using Joker as its catalyst. It smartly avoiding any real superhero shenanigans. This actually worked in its favor.

No To Sequels

So why no. The movie wrapped up quite neatly. Sure there was a thread or two left unanswered but that added to the film rather than takeaway. A case in point was how much of what we saw real and/or just in Arthur’s head. However, that was the point as not even he knew. Even on the comic book element, it was meant to serve as an origin story. Once the origin is complete is would need him to go against Batman and at that point, it stops becoming a Joker movie and thread on being a Batman movie.

Then there is the cash grab element. The first was a tiny budget and was purely designed as more of an art movie than a mega-blockbuster. Things went rather differently though, and it was well deserved. Now the studio will expect that kind of return again. That now puts the writers and directors under tremendous stress and pressure to produce something as good if not better. This is an art movie, and as such cannot be built on those foundations. The end result will be either purely fabricated or below par.

But Then Again

Then again…yes. We do have talented creators who can still craft a great story. Maybe his journey to becoming Batman’s greatest for but from his perspective. Maybe he sees old bats as the villain. Also, Arthur May have undergone the mental transcendence he needs to become the Joker. He has now undergone the journey that gives home his criminal traits like chemistry and well crime. (Psycho killings aside I mean ) His time is Arkham is another great avenue to explore. his therapy session Dr.Quinzel would also make for some great viewing. The art in which he slowly turns her could be the catalyst for the second needs.

All this while he slowly becomes obsessed with the news of a masked vigilante that is taking down Gotham’s criminal underworld. If fact maybe he decides to become a criminal solely to draw Batman to him. The trilogy should end with him facing Batman only at the end and being thrown back in Arkham. The camera fades away from his face to only reveal his smile at the end. When it goes dark. He echoes the words: “Don’t worry Batsy. I will be out soon. We doomed to this until the end of time… you and I.” Followed by his maniacal laugh.

And The Madness never Ends

As I began writing this article I genuinely had a mixed mind but after finishing that last few lines I reckon maybe we do need the sequels. Have the perspective from one of the greatest villains ever created isn’t going to get stale soon. Let’s enjoy it while we can. Warner took a risk and it paid off. This is what we need a filmgoer. Hell even if it’s an HBO max special I would be down.