You read the headline correctly. X Box Games on PS5. But what does it really mean? Well to drop all charades it is specifically X Box Game Pass that will potentially be coming to Sony’s next-generation console. This was hinted at by X Box head honcho Phil Spencer himself. If you don’t already the Game Pass offers you an ever-growing catalog of games that you can play for a monthly premium. It’s a pretty great service especially if you on a tighter budget. Of course, you will need good internet service. Currently, this is only available on the console itself and windows-based pc. However, that may change and soon.

“I love the Switch, I love PlayStation, honestly,” Spencer told Game Reactor last week. “I think they’ve done an amazing job as part of this industry.”

Personally, I loved that statement. Healthy competition between business is good for both them and us. It stimulates research and development for a competitive edge as well as provides us with a choice. Which is better? On paper that can be argued and possibly won. But in all honesty, it will always boil down to preference.

When it comes to the Game Pass is available across devices, this can be a huge step forward. It may hurt the Microsoft subsidiary in the hardware department but the huge gains in the subscriptions could more than likely offset those losses.

For us the consumer, it could be a huge saving. Having to buy just one console and play both mediums is a huge pull factor on the PS5 side. This will help sweeten the negotiations I suppose. This would do the unthinkable and make the console wars end. Both companies getting loyalty that money can’t buy.

Will it actually happen? I think it comes down to the Japanese giant. Though it really has nothing to lose. However, Sony does have the annoying habit of being unnecessarily difficult. Much like Apple whose rules and regulations prevent the streaming division of Microsoft from going live. Monthly subscriptions seem to be the future of delivering entertainment services or just devices in general. X Box is on the right track. It’s just whether it can get the boys at Sony to budge.