Cosplayer name: Baka Sakura Cosplay

Age: 2000 in cosplay years


Instagram: @iambakasakura

Twitter: @iambakasakura

Favorite Food: Yes….but to give specifics: Sushi, Bibmbap, Bao, Ramen – Asian food reigns supreme in my books

Favorite Drink: Boba Tea

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I can rewatch it any day of the week

Favorite Song: Damn, this is difficult. I’d say at this very moment it is Radiohead – Exit music

Favorite Series: Wow, these questions are TOUGH. It really depends on which part of my life we are referring to. Band of Brothers was probably one of the most impactful ones

Favorite Animation/Cartoon: Samurai Jack & Courage the Cowardly Dog

Favorite Anime: Hard to say. The one that started my journey into my weeb life is Cowboy Beebop

Favorite Character: Faye Valentine & Lady Tsunade (Where my Naruto peeps at)

Favorite Comic: Classic X-men

Favorite Colour: Black

Likes: MUSIC, dancing, singing, writing, imagining scenarios that don’t exist, gaming, FOOD, hugs.

Dislikes: Mince pies. People that can’t be real or honest with you.  Marmite.

BIO: I am a Capetonian cosplayer that has been part of the geek community for a very long time. I have been cosplaying for over 10 years and it is only the beginning of my cosplay journey. My hobbies are sewing, crafting, doing make-up, singing, and dancing. I was raised on video games, sci-fi & fantasy movies, so my love for anything geek has been instilled in me from a very young age.

Your Words: Cosplaying should be a fun and exciting journey, so don’t ever forget to ‘play’. Be sure to take your time to enjoy the process as much as the end result!

Motto/Slogan: I’m not ugly, I’m just poor XD