As with all pop culture movies, the good folks at Project Mayhem once again team up with Ster-Kinekor to celebrate the mad antics of one Harley Quinn. These events are always a blast to attend. This time however they switched it up a bit and hosted it at the newly revamped Musgrave Centre. The ultra-cool white design makes all the difference I tell you. But splendid venue aside, there is also my favorite part… Meeting likeminded people just before a movie. Talking about fan theories or just current events. The partnership between these two over the years has not only lead to some fine shoes but more importantly bonds between people that have tested the hands of time.


However, we were there for a movie and I am sure you would want to hear how it was.

Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

Comic Book movies are always huge tent pole movies with budgets larger than their explosions. Birds of Prey isn’t that movie. It is as far from it as possible. It is a small story about a bunch of female misfits whose lives intersect as they run from the mob. It just happens to be the girls of Gotham.

The movie kicks off with our dear Harleen Quinzel “dumping” her pudding Mister J. Soon she finds out that life is hard on your own. However, before her hustle can even begin she falls face-first into a heap of trouble. Soon she is being hunted by Black Mask and his cronies.

I will be the first to pick my hand and say I didn’t know what to expect going into this movie. Ten minutes into the movie and my confusion became this wry smile and I was digging the pure obscurity. The movie isn’t filled with flawless females dressed to the nines or wearing that figure-hugging spandex (although Black Canary…) but rather hipsters meet fun fair attire. The film does a great job of introducing new characters to the DCEU in a fun way.

Mix and Match

Switching ethnicity can be tricky but Black Canary and her badass vibe were a very wise choice indeed. While they may have got the Birds right, the completely dropped the ball on legendary serial killer Victor Zsasz. His rendition was a farce. Even the Gotham series manages to pull off a much better version of him. Hell, even the cameo in Batman Begins was more fulfilling than what we got here. To say I was livid with me putting it mildly.

Thankfully Ewan McGregor and his unusual take on the underworld gangster Black Mask all but made up for it. His fluidity from clam to crazy was a nice mirror to lead Harley. Pity we hardly see him suited up. He does, however, lights up the screen with his unorthodox humor which is delightful, to say the least.

Batter Up

The film may have a simple story to go through, but jacks it up via good script and pitch-perfect score and soundtrack.

Warner Bros keeps the momentum going strong now. I love that it isn’t always about the larger big budget with them these days.  I think they get their fans more than people give them credit for. Sure they have had their stumbling blocks but they have managed to put out some real gems lately. Birds of Prey is another bonafide hit. Be sure to check it out. Hell, let it be that unorthodox Valentine’s Day movie.