Every once a while I love to go back to the show that cemented my love for serialized storytelling. One of them being Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the spin-off Angel. I have always felt that Angel was the superior show, but Buffy had that original bubblegum goodness that never loses its taste. Created by Avengers guru Joss Whedon it was the game-changer.

The show switched out the damsel in distress and introduced one of the most badass chicks to date. Buffy Summers was the typical preppy blonde high school girl complete with wisecracks. By night however she was the monster-hunting chosen one. The showed proved that a girl could be cute and cuddly yet still a strong feminist symbol.

In every generation, there is a chosen one

More than that the show never downplayed the action. If anything it dialed it up. The show also brought in a huge female fan base to a genre that was mostly devoted to the male segment. The show was oozing with unique and original characters. Besides Buffy, her betrothed Angel was very compelling. A vampire cursed with a soul unable to achieve a moment of pure joyless he loses his soul, in love with the only woman on earth who’s sole purpose is to destroy vampires. Forbidden love.

On the Buffy side, she also had Willow, her true to the end friend. Sweeter than sweet and brains to boot. Then was the smart ass Xander and the mentor/father figure Giles who was her firm but caring Watcher. Let’s not forget Faith the more bad-ass version of Buffy. And capping things of Spike the once villainous vampire turned good.

On Angels squad was Cordi who migrated shows along with Wes who once debuted as a jittery and clumsy watcher but evolved into a formidable hero. And Gunn the smooth and charming pull no punches muscle. Then the was Lorn who added some fuzz to the cast. Rounding it off was Fred another damsel that was once in distress but rose to find the hero in herself.

Without passion, we’d truly be dead.

The show still stands the test of time today. The dialogue never feels dated. It still manages to translate well to the audience with little life lessons embedded into the top supernatural fiasco. Angel was the little more mature show and added weight to the ever-expanding world.

Along with great a great cast, the show had great stories to tell and with it some very iconic moments. For me, the most iconic was the moment Buffy drives a sword through Angel the man she loves eternally. Moments after his soul is restored. Banishing him to hell forever. On the flip side, it also got very real with real-life issues. It’s still balance that kept the show fresh for so long.

Apparently, there are talks of a reboot which me equal parts happy and sad. There are ways to update and refresh the brand. There were so many missed opportunities. Then there is the difficulty of replacing the cast. The Scooby gang was second to none and has staked a special place in fans’ hearts. Maybe we can actually get the additional spin-offs and closures we so desperately wanted.