Dolittle is the first movie to kick off 2020 and believe me it does it in the best possible way! Starring the ever charismatic Robert Downey Jr, it really is a barrel of laughs. The movie is of course centered on Dr. John Dolittle, a man with the ability to understand the language of all animals.

I have watched a few adaptations of this would-be franchise and have enjoyed all of them. However, this one has easily galloped its way to the front! No doubt a big portion of that is attributed to RDJ and the wide range of his acting chops. He brings his usual larger than life presence to the film and that can only be a good thing.


The movie begins in a rather somber way, as we catch up with the animal doctor after he has lost the love of his life. He is hiding out in his sanctuary closed off to the rest of the world with only his animal friends to keep him company. Of course, this doesn’t last long as two McGuffins come along to change his circumstances. One at the beckoning of her majesty and the other a lost soul who seeks to undo his own injustice to a harmless creature. Soon Dolittle is back on another wild adventure. Along for the ride is his band of misfit animal friends.

Funny to the Bone

RDJ may have chosen the perfect role after the endgame. His character is as far from Tony as they come, well the enigmatic portion aside. I will admit his semi English/Scottish accent did seem a bit off and I just couldn’t figure out if it was poorly executed or just a nuance of the character.

Dolittle is as much about the animals as it is the good doctor. The furry friends never disappoint. Whether bickering amongst themselves or locking horns with Dolittle himself they seem to just ooze cuteness and character!

The movie is marketed as an adventure/comedy and it lives up to that in almost every aspect. The timing of the comedy is spot on and blended well against the movies’ more grounded aspect or serious moments.


Again, this feels like the perfect movie to get the 2020 reel going. It’s light-hearted and very entertaining. It isn’t this huge big-budget blockbuster and there aren’t 5 movies to re-watch before sitting down to this. There isn’t a fan divide that will create conflict either. It’s a simpler movie with a simpler premise and believe me it works! Personally, aside from the always loveable RDJ, I think the simplicity pulled me the most. We need a few more feel-good movies like this. It is the perfect movie to watch with family or friends.

It’s not perfect though, it has some moments which don’t fully sync and this plot twist may not sit well with certain people. While I won’t spoil it, it does feel a bit farfetched even in a world with talking animals. It did not bother me but I am sure some will feel different and I kind of get that.

I am not even going to touch on cinematography and score or anything like that. This is a fun movie that you watch for a few laughs and walk out feeling good. That’s it! I enjoyed the adventure, I hope you do too.

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