Atypical was first introduced to me by my wife. Having an autistic kid, had her googling everything on the World Wide Web which in turn lead her to this show. From the first episode, I was hooked. Sure the show had me on a personal level. But honestly, the show is really good. I binged the 20 off minute show in less than a day. And now sadly have reached the fourth and final season and I am savoring every moment.

For those that haven’t watched the show yet. It revolves around Sam, who is a high-functioning autistic boy, and his battle to fit into the so-called normal world. Battling his diagnosis along with the challenges of a normal teenage boy. His support comes from his parents and his loving but sometimes annoying sister as well as his psychiatrist.

The show is very grounded yet has this certain charm that pulls you in. I like to think of Sam as an adolescent Sheldon Cooper. Following Sam, as he finds his way of navigating life and all its obstacles, we get some emotional scenes as well as some down-to-earth wholesome fun.

Season 4

This season has Sam, now graduated from high school living away from home with his best friend. He soon has his mindset on going to Antarctica to study penguins. For new viewers, Sam is totally obsessed with penguins and finds them soothing. And while Sam has been stellar in overcoming his autism challenges day to day, this objective seems to be the greatest one yet. However Atypical has thought me that Sam is headstrong and determined enough to achieve almost anything. We live with Sam as he faces trials, tribulations, and disappointment. Also, we joined Casey as she makes some hard and very grown-up decisions.

The show isn’t just about Sam though but those around him too. And there are some interesting characters to grow with. His sister Casey is one of my favorites. She is his sister who seems to be always annoying him as “good” sisters do. However more than that she treats him like both a regular kid and an autistic diagnose. But Casey is also just a teen and she comes with her own bag of issues from getting scholarships to conflicting love interests. Let’s not forget about Zahid, the token Indian besties that smoke weed. Sure that’s a mouthful but so is his personality. That’s not a bad thing though, as Zahid does the oddity by grounding the show with his other than life take. Behind his huge ego is a true friend who always has Sam’s back.

Family Matters

Atypical may have a unique perspective in its lead character but at its heart, it is still a wholesome family comedy-drama. There are some life lessons that people of all ages can learn from and even apply. More than that it is a fun show that has some pretty solid acting chops and interesting supporting actors. Autism may have been the reason that first drew me to the show, but it’s Sam’s charm and innocence that has kept me here for all four seasons. I am really going to miss the show…