Elliot from Earth is a new animation from the brilliant minds of Mic Graves and Tony Hull. A fun new show that takes the scenic route through the universe in order to deliver the misadventures of Elliot and his mom. Joining them is the Uber-cute dinosaur Mo. The intergalactic traveling Dino is who has a slight case of amnesia. Elliot’s mum is the voice of reason as she joins him in his adventures.

We watched a little of Elliot from Earth and it had us itching for more. It’s a fun-filled animation that appeals to the broader audience. Personally, I appreciated the single-parent angle as it hit a little closer to home. I felt this was far more relative to modern society than the picture-perfect world most cartoons depict. 

The show’s primary focus is on the friendship between Elliot and Mo. The unlikely pairing of a dinosaur and a human makes for an interesting dynamic. There is also the sci-fi element that drives the show. We are introduced to various species from across the universe, all based in the Centrium where most of the show takes place. This adds a flavor of diversity which I think will speak to many of Africas’ people. The Centrium is essentially a biosphere with different habitats. 

We also had the privilege to speak to the creators of Elliot from Earth. Tony Hull and Mic Grave are the most down-to-earth people. If you want to learn more about the show or them then follow the link below.