“It’s on like [RTA] Donkey Kong!”

Seeding…or our way of calling it Qualifying, is done and RTA continue where they left off… on top, but with serious competition following behind and it’s coming from all circles.

“RTA expecting some friendly rivals this season.”

RTA-Donkey27 laid down the gauntlet with a 28.108 but with Pool 1 only separated by 0.6 seconds, the gladiators are closing in and the teams are coming in hot – We talking Kalahari Boyz (KBR), Pace Motorsports and the Crazy8s for a few mentions, even the old dogs like Lorenzo and Nasseer returned and our resident GTSSA dive-bomber, Armani, still hasn’t… Disappointed but not surprised.

“We did have a Super Formula race once upon a time… Many times…”


Not only is the top pack in a warzone, the midpack is a battleship, a battle so deep that the number of people in the midpack battle is enough to fill up a Call of Duty Warzone lobby… but the Battle Royale is so hot that the Champs of the female division want a piece of the action also, seems like some men might have a bit of tears to shed in the end.


Ninja skills required here.


Round 1 will be set at the sunny views of the Kamitsue Village in Hita City, Japan as we flood the twisty, technical track of Autopolis where 15 drivers will be greeted with exactly 19 corners – 2 hairpins, hectic elevation changes and enough fast sweeping corners that make the average VW Polo driver feel fast but slow, let’s not even get into the pitlane entry, that’s a sin on it’s own. With tyre degradation and abrasiveness set at 6, we might just look at a comfortable 1-stop strategy (don’t be a Fluffy and forget to change tyres, drivers.)

“Anyone ordered a Decepticon?”


Today, Round 1 will commence and even though the tender for footage and commentary hasn’t been secured, the race can be watched through a few of our resident YouTubers (links will be down below)


KLM_Pace – https://www.youtube.com/c/KLMPace

LNR_Psycho_Pace –https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCREpnOf5nZhf2h7YjRwIL-A

Fluffybutt Fast –https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnf_MsMAqFYHN5B2W-ct1rA

RizlaTheRoller – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtlfS5gfrgX92SCA_zD0AkQ

TORCHED_ZA – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5K-JHFHNIuy9tc6RIcJIrw