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PACE HQ ready for the WDC crown

Pace Motorsport boys taking centre stage at Laguna Seca last thursday
The stars of the show at Laguna Seca

Kyalami’s finest crew are ready to collect as Sam, unofficially, is crowned the GT Sport SA Super Formula Champ.

“I never pictured myself being champion but after my hat-trick of wins, I can say it’s happening.”

– Serious Sam – Newly crowned SF Champion

Sam's new W12
A shakedown of Sam’s new Pace W12 at the Nurburgring

The Pace Team has had a shaky start but after the halfway mark, and some Sky Coffee, they are now reaping the rewards as they head to the GTSSA Eifel SF GP with high cheers and new fans.

Did we also mention a whole lot of new signings?


So with lesser COVID regulations, South Africans will be filling up the stands as the Season Finale takes place on the GP layout, much to the howls of the Pace boys to extend the layout but clearly the bribe paid was not enough.

Rundown to Turn 1.
Turn 1 views…

15 corners of twisting and turning that make up this 5.1 kilometre circuit with turns 1 to 3 proving to be very popular with overtakes.

If we take it back to a year ago, the infamous battle between Crazy8s’ Wezz & Pace’s JayDub proved to be a sight to behold that time.

As well as the army of Red and black fans here to see the Pace take the winners trophy and hopefully more.


Super Formula sporting Senna's famous McLaren livery
Senna’s MP4/4 replica

GTSSA Honchos, Josh and Steven threw hints on the next season already, including the high rumours of a road car series or another FIA focused series, which may need to wait.

ATK Pro Series has begun and most drivers (especially DMR) decided to put full focus while RTA has resumed to ACC duties.

The Crazy8s will still resume duties for the next season and their ongoing support for Annalize in the ladies league.

KBR may have to do some development as the team has had a bit of up and downs this season but they should be confident for the next.

The drivers of GTSSA will mostly be resuming on to FIA and some to begin their sabbaticals.

On the championship winning team, Pace has also turned to ATK and ACC for the coming days. JayDub announced his sabbatical from sim racing to recover fully. Mikyle in the states, we can say his sabbatical has begun already but he still gets active duties from HQ.

So while grandstands shall fill up, livestreams shall be available from every angle and all the drivers on the grid.

GT Sport SA (Main Pool 1 Race Stream) – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Vky0NiNr0OBisGlKPB_Pg

KLM_Pace – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyCGU4ZfL3JxfeeprioqJcg

DMRe Deano – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4MQOgDU4MnODP6zletGe2g

Torched_ZA – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5K-JHFHNIuy9tc6RIcJIrw