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Limbo was created by Playdead and is available on all forms of platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, Pc as well as Android and IOS.

The game has been released on 21 July 2010, and yes this is a pretty late review but the game is still being played today, which has a really dark and twisted story and one worth really checking out.


Limbo is a horror game as well as one of the best platformer games I’ve played to date, I am someone who loves playing indie games and this is right up there with some of the best games I’ve played.

Limbo, which is scary yet also innovative. Yeah I said scary there were times especially since I just started out playing it, where I expected it to be one of those dark looking games.

But one that is seemingly really chilled to play how wrong was I. Starting out playing the game i had a couple of obstacles i had to get past with some logical thinking which the game promotes, while playing you’ll easily find your yourself having an ah ha moment.

The next time I played it again not really knowing the full potential of the game, I played the game while listening to some really relaxing lofi music, I ended up along the path only to have my characters entire body be snapped up by a bear trap. Yup truly devastating.

Imagine the calm and relaxing state I was in just strolling along listening to good music and having that happened to me I would say sums up my first really great experience playing Limbo.

Graphics and Art Work:

The art style, and creation of light and dark colors really gives the game a quite scary, daunting feel, yet as a player the more you keep playing the more the game is feeding your curiosity.

Combine that with great character design who looks all black with such light and bright eyes, the character you are in control of is a kid, wondering around in Limbo who is really helpless but with logical thinking you can pretty much pass through any obstacles put in front of you, and using your environment more than anything else is the name of the game. Other characters within the game have the same dark design with light bright beady eyes.

Playing a platformer where you don’t know what might show up on the next chapter is really great. The developers of Limbo really out did themselves, they are able to capture a really great environment with the use of dark and light colors and I haven’t mentioned it yet but also the use of cold and dark sounds just had the game creep up on you. Best played with a headset and some free time to really take in the environment not just playing the game to try and progress as quick as possible.

Final Verdict and Conclusion

A game I would highly recommended anyone to play, but warning this game does have it’s moments where it can scare the crap out of you well as far as I am concerned that has been my experience so far.

I know this is a review but do I really need to scale this game between numbers 1-10 I think not.

You can get Limbo on steam: Get Limbo on Steam