This review was to drop before the premier. But sadly due to the impeccable service delivery of Telkom, it did not come to pass. Nevertheless, let’s looks back at Jupiter Legacy.

I will be brutally honest and state I knew nothing of the source comic before my dear friends at Netflix passed this on to me. I have lost touch with reading comics due to work. However, that has been a blessing in disguise. Like most fans, I tend to want what I read to come to life. This isn’t always possible as books or comics allow for a much broader scope or character development. Watching a show without the background knowledge of the source material allows omen to truly appreciate the series.

Jupiter’s Legacy takes that notion and kind of flips it on its head. Well according to my friends anyway. I have been told it stays very close to the source material.

The show is about the Utopian who is essentially a pseudo-Superman. He is all aged up with young adult kids. So too are his team members, who are alternate versions of the… (yes you guessed it) Justice League.

Taking away the obvious resemblance to more familiar heroes, the show is actually very good. While there is the traditional good versus bad element. The show tackles the lesser-seen aspect of a hero’s life. In particular, what happens once they hang up their cape. And the so-called later years.

It is an interesting perspective, which shows us that heroes still have to deal with real-life issues. If anything their versions are sometimes more difficult due to their status.

The show as mentioned earlier is based on the graphic novel of the same name. Penned by Mark Miller, explores heroes in Avery different light. As Miller himself said he designed the story after completing his Superman run at DC. He spent 8 weeks just plotting out the details before putting pen to paper.

This is evident in the way the story unfolds. It has two timelines. The core story set in the present time explores the trials and tribulations of an aging superhero with kids. There is also a flashback timeline that serves as an origin story for the Utopians. The style isn’t new but it does do the show Justice and puts it in a different league. (See what I did there)

The show is very explicit and graphic but never in the realm of The Boys. And that’s probably a good thing. It finds it own little spot in the non-DC/ Marvel throne. The show has pretty decent deliveries but he cast and some good cinematography. More so when you understand they don’t have a mega-budget.

When it’s all said and done, Jupiter’s Legacy is a great binge-worthy show that explores heroes in a different light. It finds the blend of maturity as well as core hero concepts.