How I Met Your Mother may have been over for a while but it’s still regarded as one of the best sitcoms ever. The ending though, well that’s another story. It totally undercuts everything the show accomplished over its many seasons. Yes ending up with Robin is a slap in the face of many a fan. (Spoilers? Really?) However, Mosby’s ending isn’t the only empty conclusion. Barney’s story is another short sight.

Looking back at his ending it feels fitting that his promiscuous lifestyle lead to him getting a girl pregnant. And also sets an example that you can’t sleep around forever without there being “repercussions”. And while How I Met Your Mother always had some pivotal episodes, it was mostly heart driven. A key example was Marshall’s dads death. It hit me right in the feels. Barney’s end of run had him falling in love with his daughter and sure that was sweet and something we didn’t see coming but it didn’t tie up his arc the way he so richly deserves.


Looking back at the Legen…wait for it… dairy Stinson, he had a few serious relationships, a stripper named Quinn which too be honest felt forced and Robin. Robin is the one that seemed to be the perfect match to the Playbook master. The play Robin is one of the best episodes ever in the series. Though Robin had a fatal flaw, she never wanted kids. Sure this was not the reason they never lasted, one can’t help but wonder if it was not an underlying issue.

Enter Nora, the woman who made his heart literally skip a beat. Something that Robin never did. An important note is that on their date Barney reveals his deep desire of a white picket fenced home with kids. At first it seems a lie, but we soon learn it was true. Even on their first encounter she revels in his laser tag stories. An activity his own friend don’t really like. However she genuinely is enthralled by them. Unlike Robin and himself she completes him rather than mirror him.

Every Legend Must Have An Ending

Nora is the ending Barney deserves as it completes his arc from womanizing player to a wholesome dad with kids and a quite life. It may seem like lazy writing but giving him the life he so much urns for is the correct end to such an epic life. As we all know deep down the challenge accepting Barney is a softy who loves deeply. More than that it could have still given us that heart warming moment where he held his daughter up for the first time.

Uncle Barney and Aunt Nora will certainly make the porch test. Even old Lilly would be able to break them apart. Clever writing could find a way beyond their break up. Much like Ted he seemed to chase Robin but she isn’t meant for them… How I Met Your Mother is known for turning the tables on its episodes. Maybe this is the way the tables should have been turned. Or maybe it’s like the time he lost Nora, standing by the window of a cafe. Just another lost moment…

How I Met Your Mother is currently streaming on Netflix.