Winner 1 – MAJITU by  Mark Kinuthia


 The first Winner to grace our pages is non-other than the talented Mr. Mark Kinuthia who with his marvelous mind dreamt up the larger than life concept of Majitu. A story that brings the supernatural side of Africa to life.

  1. Tell us more about yourself

I am a filmmaker, a storyteller and a self-taught animator who happens to be very passionate about 2D animation. I love to bring to life African stories and to share them with the world. 

  1. How did you get into animation?

I started out as a comic book artist until one day in a film workshop in Brussels, I was shown how to do a simple rabbit running cycle. Giving motion to my otherwise still image got me so excited and inspired me to do more. I haven’t stopped since then. 

  1. What schools can one look into?

Animation has come a long way in Kenya and Africa at large, more and more people are picking it up as a viable career. There are a number of Universities and colleges in Kenya that currently offer it as a course, equally there are also online courses that one can enroll into.

  1. How did you draw inspiration for this project?

I wanted to generate a story that would allow me to tap into every part of African culture, architecture, environment, and traditions that’s why my main characters travel a lot, in pursuit of their main antagonist – Phantoms. I hope by doing so, African viewers can have a lot of things within the show that they can relate to while still appreciating our diversity, and at the same time presenting new and refreshing content to the rest of the world.

  1. Africa is starting to gain momentum with both content in games and animation, where do you see us in the next decade?

Africa has so much potential for entertaining stories that are yet to be told, and with so much diversity and a rich source of culture and traditions, we could potentially contribute so much more in the industry. With a growing young and youthful population, Africa is also going to be a very competitive market for this kind of content

  1. Do current trends influence your scripts?

Yes indeed, I like the dialogue and humor to be current and relatable. As much as we hope to have a unique brand it helps to see what has worked or failed in other projects and learn from their experiences as well. 

  1. Any last words to young animators?

Keep drawing no matter what, pursue your dreams and grow your talent. Your work speaks for you.


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