Lego has been around for ages, it has not only become the bestselling toy ever but also edged out Ferrari to become the most powerful brand. I don’t think there is a kid who hasn’t had at least one set of Lego in his or her life. It can easily be found in any supermarket or toy store! However, here in South Africa, access to more exclusive sets was highly limited and in order to obtain the desired set, you would have had to source them from third parties.

The Great Yellow Brick company has changed the game by bringing us the world-renowned Lego Stores. These stores do keep all the regular sets you have become accustomed to, as well as the highly sought after sets you truly desire. Not only do they stock them, but they have also given absolute surety that they will have them in stock on the release day. That is a huge deal, especially for the collectors.

Brick by Brick

I was lucky enough to be included in the store opening, and honestly, it was like being in a candy store. I felt like a kid again, running from end to end looking at all the cool sets they had in stock. But before being let loose to our heart’s content we were treated to a few short words by Rob who along with his wife Haley and partner Greg round up the trio responsible for bringing South Africa all the Lego Stores.

The store is vastly different from anything you have seen before, and rather than just maximize the floor space with stock, it takes a very different approach. Most of the center is filled with display and play centers. This is very much a store you can visit much like one would a museum. A museum that changes quite often in order to keep up to speed with the latest sets. Kids can enjoy themselves in the play centers which have plenty of Lego pieces. Here they can unleash their imagination.

Mini-Figure Heaven

My favorite was the build a mini-figure center. This little slice of heaven is where you get mountains of mini-figure parts. For a small fee, you get to build your own fully customizable mini-figure. You can let your imagination run wild. The possibilities are endless. But then again that is a trademark of Lego. As most know any set purchased comes with variations of what can be built with the pieces. The listed variations aren’t the only options, and this is where Lego shines. Ask any person, whether a novice or master-builder, the most fun you can ever have is creating your own design from the set pieces. Even more exciting is combining different sets to create a unique masterpiece.

Local is Always Lekker

Speaking of Master-Builders, there was the fantastic replica of Umhlanga Pier built from scratch. A stunning one of a kind set built especially for the store. It totally encapsulates our favorite town on the East Coast. It is well detailed and scattered with little fun bits that will make this the star attraction set in store.

Having cool displays is all well and dandy, but without quality service won’t sell. The staff at the store is highly trained and delight to engage with. They seemed to have found that sweet spot between giving the customer his space and being there to assist.  I have nothing but compliments for the manner in which they attend to their patrons.

Open Sesame

Their official opening is this Saturday, November 16th, 2019. They will be having super-duper specials and competitions. Make sure you head over to their store and grab a deal. The store is easy to find, just opposite Gloria Jeans en route to the Wave-House.