As a kid, Lego was my favorite toy. From it, I could build all the toys I could never have. All I needed was time and imagination. Years later as a father I still believe in the magic. Hours of fun aside, it is the perfect learning toy. From increasing Brian activity, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. I also loved games, and like most Mario was my introduction to home gaming.

And heaven beholds the two just joined forces. Lego is already famed for their cast licenses and now they have the father of gaming Mario in the court. The potential is limitless. Think of all the weird and wonderful stages one could build.

I am truly looking forward to this series. The minifigs alone are going to rule. With is rather a unique look and potent star power it is bound to take Lego sales a level up. So better enter the secret code to unlock the coins you need to upgrade your building skills.

With this Minifigure, you can collect coins as you go along the set. Yes, that very same set you build becomes the level that Mario must navigate through. This is the next level in Lego, bring the play factor back to the front. Then the is the point, that more sets can be added on. essentially giving one the ability to create an elaborate world that our red plumber can hop, skip and bash bricks in.

Lego has always had this uncanny ability to form a perfect symbiosis with any license it touches. Mario is no exception it seems once again our Italian hero is about to change the game.